Buyer returned item without asking


pointe de la mode
May 4, 2008
I am confused what to do. Here is what happened

1) Buyer has winning bid for bag and pays. The auction says returns allowed only for gross misrepresentation of item.

2) I send the bag.

3) Buyer leaves positive feedback, "Love It!! Thanx" I'm happy with a good transaction! :smile:

4) Today I go to the mailbox.... and there is the bag! There is no note, and buyer never sends me any email.

I am an honest person but I do not know exactly what to do. Do I need to refund her everything? Can I deduct my auction fees? If I do can she SNAD even after her feedback? She never contacted me at all!


Lovin My Little Girl
May 23, 2007
Well, unless you signed for the bag, or there was a delivery confirmation, then she cannot prove that she sent it back.

Maybe she mixed something up, and sent your bag back and meant to send something to someone else?

That is very weird!