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  1. Now, I'm not a big time seller, however I have been slowly cleaning out my closet and listed a handful of items recently. I place buyer requirement blocks on all my eBay listings to block users with unpaid item strikes and members without paypal accounts. I just checked my buyer requirement log and was shocked at how many users this was able to filter out. It looks like most of my buyers were blocked for unpaid buyer strikes--it's surprising to see the variety in users who have these marks--from low feedback to 1,000+ feedback!

    How do yours look? How many buyers have been blocked from your and for what reasons?

  2. That's interesting. I haven't sold in the last 60 days, but I'll check it in future.
  3. Awesome thread! I've had 3 items listed for sale in the last 2 weeks...this is kind of scary...all are blocked for Unpaid Item Strikes!
  4. Good question!

    I'm feeling too lazy to copy/paste my entry list, but I had 7 blocked attempts, 5 were for unpaid item strikes, 2 for "buyers in countries to which I don't ship"

    Interestingly, I clicked on one of the alleged country blocks, and that buyer is listed as in the US!?

    Also interestingly, I had three unpaid items last week, all of which closed (meaning they never paid.) So much for screening for good buyers. :-P
  5. Interesting to see the "buyer requirement" is working! Also the majority of blocked bidders attempted more than twice without realizing they are actually blocked.

    Does anyone know the "unpaid strike" stays with the ID forever once it received?
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    I only have 2 from countries I don't ship to but that country is the United States and I obviously ship to them since that's the country I live in.

    How odd.

    I don't have any rules setup to block buyers since many of my customers are first time buyers. They have to start somewhere.

  7. The buyer requirements only allow you to select the options of blocking a buyer who has had more than 1 strike within the last 6 or 12 months. I think the strikes do stay on your account forever, however I don't think it impacts the buyer's bidding abilities after 12 months

    (sorry for any typos! I'm using my iphone)
  8. I'm curious, does it tell a buyer why they've been blocked? For instance, you are blocked from bidding on this auction due to unpaid item strikes or do not have a paypal account or ..whatever. Or does it just leave them confused as to why they can't bid? It looks like there are a lot of repeated attempts.
  9. I'll have to check mine out. I have noticed in the last year, the few things I've sold, I've had to put unpaid claims in. The buyer never emails, etc. This is a good idea, to block them.
  10. I'm glad you posted this, it was a good reminder to check mine! All of mine were from those with no Paypal accounts. I put that restriction in place a long time ago, I wonder if it's still necessary since so many don't like/use PP anymore?

    I have the same question as LindaP about what happens when bidders who don't meet the requirements try to bid. Anyone know?
  11. I've asked this question before myself in this forum because I noticed a trend of the same buyer attempting to bid more than once. The answer got was that it doesn't give the bidder a specific reason, it just tells them that they don't meet the sellers bidder requirements.
  12. I was quite surprised when I checked my log. A buyer with a 100% feedback score of 2,175 was blocked on grounds of not having a Paypal account. How on earth do you get to 2,175 feedback without a Paypal account? :confused1:
  13. One time I had a buyer message me saying that she had been blocked for unpaid item strikes (I checked- she had) and she asked for an exemption because the UPI's were due to unauthorized account use by her daughter. I figured why not, since her other feedback was good, and she paid right away and it was a good transaction. But- at least in that case- she seemed to know it was unpaid item strikes that were blocking her bids.
  14. Agreed, I had a buyer do the same and she did know it was for an unpaid strike. I'm guessing she had run in to this before when trying to bid. I ended up making an exception for her and she has bought a few things from me to date with no issue. I don't block blocked buyers from contacting me for that reason.
  15. Either they are old school and pay with personal check/MO or... something else entirely. It's not uncommon to hear that some *bayers choose not to use PP.