Buyer requested PayPal refund 5.5 months later.


Sep 20, 2008
Hello everyone! Apologies in advance if this is a wrong forum, maybe you can direct me to one.
I sold a GG Marmont bag back in July through Paypal and now 5 months later the buyer claiming “A.F.” service said it’s fake and wants a refund! Has anyone used them before, how could they claim something is fake when I know it’s not?
What are my rights with PayPal?

I responded to her that the bag is completely authentic as I purchased it directly from Gucci. Also submitted screenshots of credit card statements and order confirmation.
Additionally, I had originally listed the bag in Poshmark, but the buyer wanted lower price and proposed to pay directly via PayPal. Huge mistake, I’m probably being scammed now!
what are the chances PayPal will make me refund the buyer?