Buyer requested I ship tp NY but their confirmed address with PP is Singapore?

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  1. I am selling on of my purses and got this email from a horeful bidder.What do you ladies think? I know there have been tons of problems with shipping other than to the confirmed address...:sad: Care to share your experiences?thanks!
  2. Frankly all my ebay problems arose from customers with confirmed US addresses for some reason! Singapore Paypal is run by Paypal Asia which is different from US' system. There is absolutely no way the buyer can change her credit card or bank info on her account unless she starts a new account in US. Yes, not even changing SG address to US address on Paypal, it still shows default country as Singapore. It COULD be that she might be an exchange student or temporary resident, where she isn't allowed to open a bank account here in US without the Green Card. That might just be her dilemma. It is totally up to you if you want to ship. In my experience, Singaporeans are like the Japanese where cheating and other online vices aren't their second nature.

    Are Asia addresses confirmed or verified? I don't know. Your location says Hong Kong. Paypal Asia's HQ is in Hong Kong! I thought no Paypal address can be confirmed in Asia, how do you buy stuff on ebay without sellers having second thoughts of doing business with you?:roflmfao:
  3. ^^ Yes, I am from HK, hoenstly, I don't buy much on ebay, mostly sell, and when I do buy, they are mostly pfers who are willing to sell to me. And the few items that I buy that aren't from pfers, they are willing to sell even outside US. I guess I have been lucky in that sense...Yes, Asian addresses cannot be confirmed by PP. Oh my..what a dilemma...maybe I will just ask her why she wants the item shipped to another country..I really can't afford to have another issue with PP, the last time was a total nightmare..
  4. asian address are only "Verified" not confirmed...thats what shows up on my account...
    ei chinky, the items i win from the USA...i have it shipped to a relative thats coming back to the philippines...its just weird that the buyer will have it shipped to the USA when both of you are located in ASIA already and its much cheaper to ship to SG than USA right? maybe its a gift? is the item expensive
  5. it deends.. she could have a shop and ship account... if the address is in springfeild gardens NYC then its a shop and ship account so its fine.. beasically its a physical address in the states that then gets forwarded to her in the US i have one too and i am based in the middle east... ask her if thats what the addy is
  6. Plenty of Singaporeans are now using a forwarding service through the local postal service which gives them a US address or a Japan address when they purchase online from merchants who don't ship to Singapore, but ship to either of those 2 countries. That address is for Portland, Oregon, in case you need to verify it :yes:
  7. Yes, the service is called vPost and it's run by Singapore Post. I sometimes use it for items that have free US ground shipping, or when the merchant does not ship internationally but is OK with using a forwarding service.
  8. Eh I just realized something. Back to the thread title, not possible because Singapore addresses cannot be confirmed. Can you check again?