Buyer Refused Package, Acting Irrational

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  1. Hopefully someone can help me with this. I sold a dress on ebay, shipped it to the buyer quickly, and thought all was said and done. I put the maximum number of pictures on the listing - plenty of photos of tags, the dress, etc. It was a gorgeous dress. Well, a day or two later while the dress was still in transit the buyer, they email saying they have doubts as to the authenticity of the dress and that they know someone that has a dress from the same designer and they don't think its real. Keep in mind, the dress I sold was from quite a few seasons back (probably 5 years old). Someone they know has a completely different style dress from the designer and probably newer - it is like comparing apples to oranges. I told them this, but they did not seem to grasp that concept.

    Well, this same buyer starts asking me for all this information that I did say I would include within the listing. They asked for a receipt, and amazingly I was actually able to find my receipt from years ago. I told them sure I would forward it on but I would need to black out some of my personal information (like card info, etc). I sent this on, and they were not happy with that for whatever reason. They wanted me to send the full receipt without blacking out my info and now .....get this...a copy of my entire order history from the store???

    At this point, I know the buyer is unreasonable. Keep in mind I have now probably received about 10-15 emails from them, all in the same day. They keep asserting that they only wear authentic and they know my dress is not real. I told them I don't support counterfeit, am an honest person, and asked if they had any questions or apprehension about purchasing online why they did not ask questions prior to purchase. There were plenty of photos on the listing if they had questions regarding the dress, tags, etc.

    Anyway, the dress went to the point of delivery and I see on tracking they refused the package. I am not sure if they ever had the package in hand, opened it, and then marked it return to sender. But, they emailed me saying they refused it and then demanded a refund. I do not have the dress back yet, and am concerned if it is even in the box.

    My question is this ....has anyone dealt with a buyer like this before? They are emailing me to the point of harassment, although I am being very responsive. I just don't know what to do and wish they would back off. Also, they have not mentioned feedback, but can they actually leave negative feedback stating authenticity issues or anything regarding the dress if they never actually had it in hand? I just don't see how a review of the dress can be left. If feedback is left, has anyone been successful in getting ebay to remove the feedback if the package was refused?

    Thanks so much for the help!!
  2. Wow that sounds really frustrating and upsetting. Why did she buy the dress?

    I wouldn't refund them until you get the dress back, but I also wouldn't worry about them having opened the box. In order to refuse a USPS or even a UPS package you normally aren't allowed to open the package.

    I think the buyer may have forfeited their buyer protection by refusing delivery though. Hopefully someone who knows more about that will be along. In the meantime relax and cut off contact with your crazy buyer until you get some good advice on how to proceed with her.
  3. Wait for expert advice here but I do believe that buyers lose their eBay protection when they refuse a package. Definitely don't refund before receiving the package back in same condition. I would also stop communicating with this person.

  4. Yes, I would DEFINITELY stop communicating with this person. I will say that i am 100% certain that when a package is refused the mail carrier could not have physically given the package.
  5. I last wrote to them a few hours ago, responding to their emails from last night. I basically told them that I needed to have the returned package in hand, and could not do so while it is still with the post office. I am definitely going to stop communicating with them because it seems like the very second I send an email, they lob 5 in a row right back. Most of these emails make no sense.

    Interesting about buyer protection. I am wondering if she will end up opening a case because when I told her I had to wait for the package to come back to refund, she responded that she would only wait a day or two. I am thinking a returned package may take a little bit longer than normal to come back, probably a little longer than a day or two but I am not sure. So, if she opens a case for Item Not Received, I wonder if I call ebay and point to the package refusal they would say her buyer protection is gone and then close the case. Or, a case for Item Not as Described - how could she know something is not as described or pictured in the listing when she never actually hand the dress in hand? Again, maybe ebay could close the case.

    In either situation, wouldn't she be blocked from leaving feedback?

    Hopefully the harassing emails will stop, but I am not so sure. I wish there was a way to report them for this type behavior, but I am not sure that ebay would even do anything about it.
  6. This is horrible, can you please post the ID of the buyer? This is a nightmare no one wants. I hope an expert will answer shortly. I think they lost their protection once they denied the package and usps has that written. However, let's wait for the experts.
  7. I would also love to know the name of this nightmare buyer. Hopefully BeenBurned or one of our other experts will be along soon.

    Just ignore her for the moment OP you'll get some good advice soon. You don't need to refund her and I wouldn't worry about her leaving feedback, eBay would most like remove anything she posted because she didn't follow the rules. You would just need to call and ask them to do it.

    I'd like this nightmare buyers user ID too.
  8. I think if she does try to open an INR, the tracking will show that she's the one who refused it so I would think it would be closed in your favor.
  9. It could take up to a month for the package to make its way back to you. Returned packages go much slower.

    At this point, I wouldn't communicate with her at all. She is just harassing you. If you can report the buyer on ebay, I would.

    Ebay's policy has been that if a buyer refuses a package, they lose buyer protection. So technically you don't have to refund. However, she could still open a Paypal or credit card dispute and they might award her the refund.

  10. I sold an item that a buyer refused to pick up from the post office once. For whatever reason, they couldn't leave the package at her shipping address and took it to her local post office. I sent the buyer multiple emails with info on how to pick up her package and she kept refusing to go and saying she wanted her money back.

    I obviously had no choice but to do a refund but I told the buyer I would only do it after i received the item. I told the seller this could take up to a month (took almost two months, from NY to Chicago for a package sent priority).

    She of course opened a case against me and called me all sorts of names. eBay ended up siding with me and told the buyer she had to wait for her return.

    I think because she opened the case and it was ruled in my favor she couldn't leave feedback.

    As long as you are making a clear effort to communicate with the seller and accepting the return, eBay should side with you. I wouldn't even argue with her about authenticity, just keep telling her the same thing, " your satisfaction is my priority, you will receive a refund as soon as the item is in my possession."
  11. The policy is that when a buyer refuses a package, she loses her protection and as such, will (or should) lose the case. A lost case prevents her from leaving feedback.

    That said, it's possible that ebay might look at tracking, see no delivery and could possibly (incorrectly) close the case in her favor.

    If that happens, you need to appeal and call ebay to point out that it's NOT a matter of her not receiving it but instead that she refused delivery and voided her buyer protection.

    They should reverse any incorrect decision should it come to that.

    And I agree with the others, This buyer needs to have her ID posted and blocked!
  12. I'm sorry that you're dealing with such a PITA. Please do post the buyer's ID as I'm sure other sellers would like to add this gem to their friend list.

    I agree with all of the others, don't refund until you have the package/dress in your hands.

    Good luck.
  13. I would expect that one way or another she is going to get her money back if the package is shown as returned to you. And that is not unreasonable. But you should be in control of the terms of the refund, i.e. the refund will not processed until the item has been returned to you and none of the shipping costs are refunded. If she does file a case with either ebay or Paypal, I would contact whichever entity she files with and explain the situation.
  14. OK, the first thing you should do is call eBay and fill them in on what has occurred so far. No need to go into crazy detail, just tell them you sold the dress, seller started questioning authenticity before they ever got it, and then refused package once it did arrive. eBay will guide you as to your next steps. They are very helpful when buyers lose their minds. And hopefully the messages back and forth have gone through eBay's messaging system; if they have not, then don't communicate with the seller outside of eBay's system again, as obviously eBay has no way to track that communication.
  15. Agree here.. I'd have this whole scenario on record with Ebay & there is no
    reason for you to have any further communication with this buyer.