Buyer Re-listed item!!

  1. Ok, so here's my rant. I understand that once someone gets an item, even though it was described as best to my ability, it is sometimes not what the buyer expected. I recently sold some shoes on the auction site at an extremely low price (the retailed for $495 and sold for $91.50). My bad I know, but when you need the cash, what can you do? Anyways, two weeks later the buyer has relisted the item, and they look damaged now. She/He is getting a better auction price so far ($157.00). But get this, they even took some of my listing description and used it on their auction listing! WTF?? :yucky:
  2. I recently sold my onatah PM. The buyer didn't expected to be that small so she let me know she was going to relist for a little more and I told her that the bag is now hers and I really don't mind she reseling it. BTW she sold it and she used My pictures and even gave the link my listing. Again if it was someone else I would get mad but it was my own buyer and the bag was hers already.
  3. lolaluvsu, I understand your frustration. You can't stop her from selling the shoes - but I would message the seller and tell her not to use your description.
  4. It is against eBay policy to use someone else's pictures or description without their permission, and they can be reported for doing so. So I would email her and ask her to please write her own description. If she doesn't comply, you could report it to eBay.
  5. I had a buyer (with my permission) use my pictures and a slightly altered description to resell my item. The seller paid quickly and left glowing feedback so I was completely fine with him using my material. It sounds to me like the buyer hasn't really done anything too bad- she took new pics to show it's "damaged" condition and is relisting rather than asking you for a refund. Taking parts of your description is against the rules but not a big deal IMO- reporting her would really just be nasty way of showing your resentment of her getting a better price.
  6. Unless she used your listing verbatim I don't think you have a leg to stand on as far as reporting it goes...:shrugs:

    I would just let it go. You needed the money and sold the shoes. :okay:
  7. ^^^I agree. How many different ways can you describe something?
  8. This happened to me before...And I was a buyer. I messaged him asking for permission and he was fine with it. I used the picture because some of the details were hard to take and my camera broke at the time. As a buyer, I understand where he/she thinks.
  9. don't get me wrong. i'm not reporting her or anything. just frustrated.
  10. I understand your frustration. That's the way eBay bounces sometimes.
  11. I purchase a lot of items on ebay for the sole purpose of reselling it for profit. :yes: I have two accounts one for selling and one for buying, this way the people I sell to can't see what I purchased the item for.

    I have had people do it to me as well, that is just ebay.
  12. How do you have two accounts? I always thought that wasn't allowed?

    Just curious.
  13. If someone purchases something from me on the 'bay, and they contact me and let me know it doesn't work for them, I always tell them that they are free to use my photos, my description, etc. If they sell the item for more, I'm happy for them. It doesn't bother me at all. The right buyer/competing buyers just came along at the right time. What I don't like is when people that I have no connection with, steal my photos. Now that will get someone reported!

  14. You can have more than one account, I just use different email accounts, I do share the same paypal account without any problems. You just have to make sure that one account doesn't come in contact with another, IE ,bidding on my seller account with my buyer account.

    ETA>> I take my own pictures and write my own descriptions when I resale the items.
  15. I think the key is 'permission'. If your buyer communicated that things did not work out and asked your permission to use pics/description/link in the relist, that's great, and yours to say yes/no. If these items are simply appropriated, that is stealing (not grand theft, but nonetheless). If you report the incident to eBay, the listing will be pulled; it's nice to contact the 'offender' first and give a friendly warning, since you have some history.

    As far as the relist making more money . . . that's tough, but that's eBay: very unpredictable. It's happened to me too, typically when I needed to raise some immediate cash. It's the old time/money balancing act. If you have the luxury of time, you can start your listing higher and relist as necessary, each time putting your item in front of more potential buyers and hopefully sparking a bidding war. If you need the money now, you'll do as you did: start your listing at a low-but-acceptable price and hope someone snaps it up quickly. Maybe you can make up for it on your next listing . . ! Good luck on eBay.