Buyer protection question

  1. Hello everyone...

    I just had a question about pay pal.

    I found a wholesaler online and thinking of doing business with them through Pay pal. My biggest concern is getting scammed. I know that sending Western Union is not safe but if I were to send a payment through Pay Pal, would I have anything to worry about if they don't send me my items? If they don't send me my items, I can always file a dispute and get my money back no matter what right?

    We're doing this not on eBay. They're simply just gonna send me a invoice and work from there.

    Thanks for any help! I need some reassurance before I send money to someone I don't know.
  2. I just did the same thing within the past week and used PayPal. I believe you are still protected, and the seller would obviously have to prove that you received the merchandise. I didn't have a problem with my transaction. What I did do first was check the company out on the BBB, which I know doesn't always mean anything, but made me feel better! I don't know what company you are trying to work with, but you may want to start out by checking them out before you do anything.
  3. thanks for ur help!!

    i've been scammed before...and yes,,, I sent my cash by Western Union and got totally screwed over..but that was a lesson learned and I still want to make money by reselling! ehhe
  4. also, they're an online website company. no search when i tried it in BBB. thanks though!
  5. You can be extra safe and fund the payment with a credit card too...
  6. Did you search by their URL on the BBB? If you still don't get anything to come up, it should tell you that there are no reports on them, which is a good thing! :smile:
  7. I called PayPal a week or two ago asking about seller and buyer protection on transactions outside of eBay and she said there is no guarantee that either would be protected.
  8. You don't have the same protection for transactions outside of eBay. You will only get what can be recovered from the seller (you don't have the up to $200 or up to $2000 buyer protection like you do for ebay transactions)
  9. I can understand PayPal will not provide any buyer protection since this is not an eBay transaction. However, if you pay it via PayPal by cc, you are protected by your cc.
  10. Be careful,
    Most online "wholesalers" are sellers of fake bags.

    Remember most designer houses do not sell wholesale to individuals or small businesses!!!!
  11. ^^^heheh thanks for the heads up. im not lookin into buying handbags though.

    if I don't fund it by a credit card, then i wont get protected anyways?

    yikes. the money comes straight from my bank.