Buyer pays but unconfirmed... showing up in my eBay as "hourglass"

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  1. I had a buyer pay through paypal for an item I sold. I get the email this morning, and of course, her address is unconfirmed. I write her back (just replying to the message because I know it goes to her email), that she needs to confirm her address before I send the item. Anyway, I look in My eBay and her payment is showing up as the hourglass symbol... what the heck is this? Also, the shopping cart icon for her transaction is grey instead of blue, which is weird. I have another buyer who payed the other day with an echeck and her icon is also the hourglass, but the shopping cart is blue like it should.

    Also, the payment shows up as "completed" in my PayPal account.

    Why would it be doing this? Am I wrong for asking her to confirm before I send?
  2. This seems to be the case with a buyer who paid me today. Paypal says the payment is completed and Ebay is showing an hourglass. I'm guessing it's some ebay glitch.
  3. You should still consider not sending the item until she confirms her address though.
  4. Yes, I'm going to wait to send them until she confirms. I think this item is cursed! First an NPB, now this... crazy! Thanks for all the help 2stars and Loony!
  5. Well, I have a confirmed address and went thru the whole verified with Paypal thing, and that hourglass showed up on my last transaction! I always pay immediately--usually within minutes, at the most a couple hours. So why doesn't eBay show the $ sign for payment made?

    I swear eBay is on the payroll of the blood pressure medicine labs. It raises mine often enough.
  6. Confirmed in the case of seller protection means Paypal has confirmed the address, not the buyer has confirmed it to you. If Paypal doesn't list the address as confirmed it isn't confirmed.
  7. i had that same problem with the hourglass showing up today after the buyer sent me payment. i called the ebay toll free number and they told me that nothing was wrong with the transaction, its just that ebay is running a little slow at the moment but it was nothing to worry about as long as the money shows in your pay pal account. hope this helps.
  8. ^^ Weird. It has since changed, but she still hasn't confirmed her address. How do I do this in a nice way?

    The email address is a or whatever, and her name is a female, not the same last name as the email. seems kind of fishy.
  9. That may not be so weird--my Dh and I have separate last names (I kept mine) and sometimes I use his Paypal account to buy things :P. We're in BC and I often use a WA state address to avoid the cross border mail headache. I'm still trying to figure out how to confirm an address that isn't my home address...?
  10. I got the hour glass thing too yesterday, but paypal said all is well, so I shipped. Nice to know it wasn't just me!