Buyer paying to your bank account?

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  1. Is that safe? I have a buyer from portugal that wants to pay directly into my swedish bankaccount. Is that safe or is it some kind of scam?

    The buyer has 6 positive feedback.

    I don't really mind as long as I get the money and the buyer its item, I just wanted to know if anyone has any experience with this?

  2. hi,
    I have done bank transfer many times. I always use an account wich cannot go into negative. Also, the information given is the IBAN and BIC code - so you are not giving out your entire data so to say.
    That being said, always be carefull when doing transactions like this
  3. Anything with even the slightest risk factor, I avoid.
  4. ^^with purchases and scams so to speak
  5. to be honest, i would not be so worried about it since you are the seller. As I wrote previously, make sure the account number given is not on that can go into the neg. Also give her the IBAN, BIC and name of bank - thats all the info required to do transfer.
    I do belive as a seller, payment this way is preferred since you dont have to pay PP fees, and you of course wont send bag until money appears on account.
    anybody please chime in if im misleading or forgotten something

  6. My advice would be no. People don't realize a bank transfer directly to your bank can very easily be reversed and the person can get out more than they put in. And there is no such thing as an account that can not go into negative. I know this is popularly believed. Some have a limit on how much negative they can go into and in most cases it is less than 50.00 but they can still go into a negative balance.
  7. Why can't they use a money order, money gram or Western Union? You are honest enough to give out your bank account number so I know you are definitely honest enough to ship the bag. I am asking because from my experience in dealing with these requests there was always an attempted reverse it. Because usually when they get the item no matter how new or authentic it is, they are going to declare with much exclaim it is the most fake bag they have ever seen and must urgently get their money back. That you are scammer and they must act quickly to get their money back.
  8. Bank to bank transfer is an accepted way of paying in most European countries and is perfectly safe. They can only put in, cannot take out.

    Ask your bank for all the info you will need. The bank does charge for the service. The U.S. does not do IBAN.
  9. I'm reluctant to give anyone my bank account number, so I have never done this!
  10. i have no problem receiving payments in this way.
    if you pay by cheque for anything you're giving out account number and sortcode, it's pretty much the same info apart from IBAN and BIC ( over here in the Uk anyway )
  11. i did smile at this ! thought you must never get out of bed !!:biggrin:
  12. I would not suggest doing this. Account numbers are used for credit checks, automatic debits and bill paying by phone (at least here in the US) and they could end up posing as you or using your account to pay their phone bill or something. If there is another way for someone to pay you, I think you would be better off. Good luck, whatever you decide.
  13. It depends on where you are from. Like the others said. It's acceptable in the UK. But not in the US.
  14. Hi ya,
    Do you remember a big thing about this in the UK.....A writer for a paper, gave out is bank deatails, to prove it was safe.
    You can pay in, but not take out, or make the account go overdrawn.
    l would def do it, here anyway:P
  15. Really, how do they not ask for d.o.b passwords etc.
    l could not pay a bill here, even if l had my DH's card etc.
    So not safe is the US then.:smile: