Buyer paid wrong amount, did I handle this right?

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  1. Had an item up for sale, got some offers but they did not come anywhere near the reserve price I had set. Have come to terms with the fact that this is going to be a huge loss for me and settled on the absolute lowest price I am willing to accept.

    I sent a second chance offer to the highest bidder but she went and immediately paid her original - far too low - bid. I sent her a message explaining that the second chance offer was not accepting her original bid, rather offering her another price (still way below the reserve). Then I refused the payment on paypal.

    My guess is she either never opened the second chance message ór she's chancing it. I completely accept her walking away from the auction and I did tell her so. The choice is hers now.

    Did I handle this correctly?
  2. BTW, the second chance was £100 higher than her bid, I don't consider that an 'impolite or not-done' offer to make?
  3. Are you sure that you can adjust the second chance offer? I always thought it showed them the highest amoung that they bid and nothing more??? Just curious because I thought I tried to do that and it wouldn't let me.
  4. I got a second chance myself some time ago and the seller specified a new amount in the note attached, it was acceptable to me and we had a deal. Figured that was how it worked, it all went through just fine on ebay. Really thought that was how it worker? Looks like my bad, I swear this auction is cursed.
  5. I think the "note" is often overlooked. Bummer. Maybe try a fixed price with an OBO option? :confused1:
  6. That is définitly my next - last - resort. Otherwise... it is going to charity... :whiteflag:
  7. Hmm I've never heard of being able to adjust the second chance offer price. Have you heard back from her yet?
  8. Yes, she is cancelling the offer. I understand. However, her reasoning is that the same item sold for £400 today (not through me). I felt I had to explain to her that the auction today was for an excess stock boutique item. This would have been purchased at £350, multiplied by 2.5 and plus another 30%. That seller made £50 profit. Me, I paid the full retail and I was sorry for her but I could not stomach an £850 loss, I find a £700 painful enough.

    I dunno, the sale is lost but I just had to add that, not all sellers are in the same situation. Profits are just easier if you're starting from purchase price.
  9. not saying there is anything wrong with her reasoning btw.