Buyer paid with personal check...when it is safe for me to ship the item?

  1. I accept both paypal and personal checks, but usually get paid via paypal. I'm happy to have been paid by check (no paypal fees!!) but just wondering how long it takes for the money to come out of the buyers checking account? It is an out of state check.

    Thanks :heart:
  2. Cheques normally take 3 working days to clear but i have had one so clear at 3 days and bounce after 7 days!
  3. Most banks impose a 10 day period on certain checks, I would follow that rule.
  4. :cursing:Don't ship anything until the full 10 business days are up. I made the mistake of sending a bracelet on the 10th day and the dumb ***** check bounced and I received a notice from my bank on the 12th day! I learned my lesson on that one.
  5. Yes and that is 10 BUSINESS days, sorry should have been specific.
  6. You many also want to check with your bank and what their policy is. Some banks impose different hold times depending on the amount.
  7. Wait awhile before sending. I made a mistake by sending a bag to someone once their check cleared (took 5 business days) then it bounced 1 month later because it was a stolen check.
  8. Or you can just call your bank. I'd call customer service about 3 days later to see if it's cleared and it either a yay or nay. Or check online if you have online banking, if it's cleared, you'd be able to see an image of the front and back of the check and it either says clear or something similar. 3 working days is pretty standard with my bank, BoA, even with an out of state check.
  9. Don't send until the bank tells you the funds have cleared!
    I never take personal checks b/c if they bounce you get charged a fee ($10.00 to $35.00 depending on your bank) by your bank! If you are in the US and get a US $ check drawn from a foreign bank, you get charged a fee.

    I only accept wire transfers from outside the US or a bank check or MO.
    Good luck, hope it clears soon!
  10. I agree I would not accept a personal check , I would change that to a money order there easy to get for the buyer , any post office or even cashiers check where the buyer can get them from their bank. Then you don't have to play the wait game. But defiantly wait until the bank has completely processed the order before you ship that item.
  11. I normally wait 7-10 business days. Mostly though it depends on the buyer's feedback-if they have good feedback I won't wait that long (and I must note, I haven't had a problem with any of them).
  12. I would wait at least 10 days. However, you can always go to the bank she uses and they will cash it for you.