Buyer paid, next day says she doesn't want the item. Now what?

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  1. I sold an item on ebay and the buyer paid right away. Two days later she says she wants to cancel the transaction and wants a refund. I am NOT willing to do this because she already paid, I have her item ready to send, AND the money is already being transfered to my account. What should I do here? She didn't give a reason for not wanting the item, she just changed her mind.
  2. Tell her it's already shipped, and that all sales are final. I wouldn't entertain 'buyer's remorse' at all.
  3. Do you have a return policy? If so, she will proably then return it to you if you ship it? Or if not - find a reason to cause some trouble..... like a fake SNAD or something?

    Personally I dont think i would risk it, even if it is super-annoying to have to start over....
  4. This was my thought..I think I will do that. Because in the end it will be a pain anyway. :sad:
  5. Absolutely let her out of it. It will save the hassle.
  6. I just sent a request to cancel the transaction. I just wish that she would have NOT bid on the item if she didn't want it.
  7. and block her from your auctions just to be on the safe side
  8. Agreed!!! I am so sorry that you had to deal with this, OP. :sad:
  9. I am also sorry you had deal with this. Buyer (and some sellers) drive me crazy sometimes.
  10. That really sucks. Does "binding contract" have no meaning on ebay anymore?
  11. I think I'm getting ready to have the same problem.
    My buyer has 3 feedbacks. She paid immediately and then sent me an email saying she didn't want me to mail it until a certain day because she doesn't want her hubby to know about it. And she wants it sent to a different address.
    THen she writes a few days later and gives me another day to send it, which is tomorrow.
    I am waiting for tonight's email about yet another change.
  12. It's good that you cancelled. Because if you had sent it out, when she received it, she might have been a big dramatic situation for you. She could contact paypal, say its "damaged" or whatever the case may be to get her money back.

    One time, I sold a coach bag on bonanzle, and the woman got the purse and she emailed me:

    "I got the bag, and i love it but I would like to reutrn it. There is nothing wrong with the bag, I just changed my mind"

    I told her there is no refunds and i hope she enjoys her bag lol. she never emailed me again, thank god. My point is, buyers remorse SUCK! lol
  13. You made the right decision brookeab. Annoying to have to relist but it is definitely a lesser evil than going through the stress of dealing with a buyer who wants to force a return.
  14. You're better off just to cancel the transaction, re-list the item and put that person into your blocked bidder list. It is the lesser of the two evils, much better than dealing with a SNAD claim and you can re-list your item right away.

  15. You can also let this buyer know that you were disappointed that she

    changed her mind about the transaction and would BLOCK her ...