Buyer paid, is no longer registered, what now?

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  1. I have a weird situation:

    A buyer won a pair of shoes from me in late January. She paid quickly through Paypal but had an unconfirmed mailing address, so I held off on shipping until I could get an address confirmed from her.

    It took about 4 weeks for her to finally return my multiple emails, phone calls, and eBay user information requests. She told me to mail the item to the unconfirmed Paypal address, which is her boyfriend's apartment. I shipped the item in late February.

    Today (nearly a month since I shipped the item), I got the package back from my post office! The address was undeliverable so it got returned to me. I went to email the buyer through eBay, and she is now no longer a registered member. It looks like she got a bunch of negatives recently for selling and not responding to messages or shipping.

    I tried calling the number I had for her and the number is disconnected.
    What should I do? EBay said I should refund her money. I had specified in the auction that I don't issue refunds because I don't sell for profit - just to clear my closet. I really don't want to refund her money because this is not my fault and I want to get rid of these shoes!
  2. The best advice would probably be to follow eBay's guidance, though I can see what you mean about not wanting to refund her.

    You did get the bag back, right? So it only makes sense that it wouldn't be fair to keep the bag and her money. I don't think that you'll have any power to do anything against her now that she's NARU. :s

    Bummer!!! Try selling again.
  3. i would refund her and wont do anymore contact w her beside letting her know the money is refunded.
  4. yup..:yes:
  5. refund but it sucks. Will you get your listing and FV fees back?
  6. If she's no longer registered, I think I'd wait for her to contact me. (since you can't contact her anyway). I don't see that you owe her anything since you'll be out shipping and fees if you refund. She's the one who didn't pick up the item. I wouldn't be out any more money because of her. If you just want to be "done" with her, you could refund her but she can't leave any sort of feedback since she's no longer registered. Seems like a lot of trouble to me for someone who appears to be marginally if at all interested. I think buyers assume some responsibility in this game. I guess I'm just tired of Ebay being so lax on buyers.
  7. I would have to agree with imonpurseblog here. She needs to get in touch with you before you refund. It seems like a pattern of NO communication and after all, you did send the bag out and it was returned.. now the buyer is no longer registered!?!?!?! Sounds like a flake buyer to me!!! I would not refund this buyer until you hear from her.
  8. I would wait to hear from her. If she really wants her money back she will get in contact with you. This whole mess is her fault anyway.
  9. i woudlnt refund unless you got in contact with the buyer.
  10. I think if you wait for her to contact you, she will eventually as she will want her shoes or money. I am not sure if you can get her telephone and contact info from ebay as that may be an idea to get in touch with her. On the other hand, it should be her trying to contact you...
  11. You should refund her, and I believe you can get your FVfees back by filing a dispiute on ebay citing sale was to a NARU ID.
  12. you can get your FVF back as she is no more registered.
  13. Did you check and see if she still has paypal. Because how can you refund her if she is kicked off paypal AND ebay? I say wait for her to get in touch before refunding.
  14. In this case, best to refund, atleast you got your shoes back! You can always re -list them...I know, hassle...but what can you do? Hope everything goes well!
  15. Can't you send a partial refund (minus fees/shipping)?? If you have the item back, I think it is only fair to refund. It may not be your fault, but you never know what happens in people's lives. I would issue a partial refund and be done with it.
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