Buyer Paid Immediately but Never Picked Up the Bag from the PO, What To Do Now??

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  1. Hi all, i need advice (help). I listed a bag about a month ago because i needed the funds for school. it's that time again and it takes everything i have, and more, the reason i had to sell this baby. the buyer BINed my auction and paid immediately, which was a requirement on the auction meant to save my the games from buyers. the bag was not cheap. it was 775 and i offered free shipping. the bag is 100% authentic and NEW and it was stated the auction was a final sale. i shipped the bag the next morning, and it was across the country, ready to be delivered three days later. a week later, she emails me that i must have sent the bag to the wrong address because she hasn't received it yet. now, if you look up the tracking #, it says a notice was left for her to have it redelivered, or to pick it up. i email her to let her know it is at the post office, she emails about a week later, that she will pick it up for her birthday. i keep checking but she doesn't pick it up. i email her again to "remind" her and she says she will call them to redeliver. then about a week later, she emails me and says they never redelivered so she finally goes to pick it up and the day she goes, they tell her that it has been sent back to me (how convenient) the whole three and a half weeks she blamed every one else for her not picking up the bag. I did my part, she never picked it up! she emailed me "i went to pick it up and they said it has been returned" nothing else, like if she still wants the bag or not. OK here's the problem, i spent the money on tuition for school. WTF am i supposed to do now???
  2. I'm sorry you're going through this. The buyer had over 3 weeks to pick up the bag or arrange redelivery yet didn't do it.
    If I were you I would email the buyer and politely say that once the bag is delivered back to you you will reship it to her and ask if she can please make sure that she is able to pick it up from the post office if she isn't in when they try and deliver it.
    You'll soon find out if she wants the bag or not by how she replies back to you.
    Good luck xxx
  3. ^^^I agree. But make sure she sends you another payment for shipping charges first since you have to send the bag back to her. It's not your fault she didn't pick it up the first time so she needs to pay to have it re-sent.
  4. Totally agree, but I think she mostly just wants a refund. I'd think she would be running to the P.O. to get her new bag if she really wants it. 3.5 weeks wait says enough of how much she doesn't care.
  5. Tell her you will ship it back to her. It sucks having to pay for shipping yourself, but since you already spent the money that you got for the bag I'm not sure what else you could do.
  6. If you try and ask her for the money to ship it back to her, she might try and get all of her money back (that you've already spent) so I'd just use your own money to avoid problems.
  7. Thanks guys! i'll let you know how it turns out!
  8. Sounds to me like it is clearly a ploy to get you to refund aka buyers remorse. So frustrating, I am really sorry you are going thru this and I hope it all works out.
  9. that is so annoying. you listed it as final sale, right? so offer to send it back on your dime and remind her that it was a final sale. what's done is done. she had PLENTY of time to get the bag.
  10. OOhhh not sounding good, perhaps she is waiting for it to get sent back if she has had a change of heart or just wants money for something else. I hope it works out for you.
  11. I've had this happen to me a few times.

    Wait for the package to be returned to you ( should update with this info) and then mail to ask for the additional fees to send her package back out.
  12. who wouldn't pick up a $700+ purchase for 3 weeks?

    sounds very shady.


    i'd sent it back on my own money, and just email her the tracking number so she can keep up with when to go get it. if you email her prior to sending it back to her, then she may try the refund thing. i wouldn't contact her until you have it re-shipped.

    you may want to contact ebay about this too.
  13. I would ship it back to her with a tracking number and you hopefully you are adding insurance to this too. Since this was a final sale I wouldn't refund! This lady sounds like she is off and probably doesn't want the bag. She shouldn't have bought it is how I would feel. Good luck to you!

  14. "Final Sale", or having your own limited return policy doesn't really mean anything in Ebay and Paypal disputes.
  15. agree w/ the other's advice, it could be a buyer's remorse thats why she don't have any intention of picking it up, coz if she is really want it w/in the next day i'll go to the post office top get the package, but 31/2 weeks:wtf:. wait for it and redeliver it again to her.

    sorry that this things happen to you, sometimes i wonder about this people.