Buyer paid for ebay auction with echeck, but address is unconfirmed

  1. Hi everyone,

    Even though my auction says I only ship to confirmed addresses, my winning bidder of course has an unconfirmed frustrating. He paid using an echeck so I'm wondering if I'm still susceptible to a Paypal dispute.

    Is it best for me to refund once the echeck clears? I think this may be the best, but since he paid by echeck will he have to wait 3-5 days after I do the refund to see the funds back on his end before he can pay again...assuming he has confirmed his address?

  2. What?! Are you my twin??? I am going through the same exact thing right now and was coming on here to find some answers to all your same questions. Ugh! I'm so upset about it. (I've had a string of difficult transactions lately.) To add to your question, if you don't mind, what is the true purpose of a confirmed address. When you do not have seller protection on an auction, what does that mean to the seller (and buyer)? Thanks!
  3. A confirmed paypal address protects the seller only. Paypal supposedly can help in a chargeback situation with a credit card by protecting the seller if they shipped to a confirmed address and required a signature. This is Paypal's "seller protection." Unfortunately, paypal often doesn't do much to protect the seller even if they have followed the rules. I know of several sellers that had to call Paypal and "remind" them about the seller protection program after they were hit with chargebacks, even though they sent to confirmed addresses with signature confirmation. Whenever possible, Paypal will save their own necks and leave sellers (and buyers) out to dry.

  4. You have my sympathy!! I just this hour sold a handbag and the shipping address is unconfirmed!! Hopefully, this buyer will understand that I cannot ship to an unconfirmed address (clearly stated in my auction)! I would assume that I won't be covered by PayPal even if I require a signature. :tdown:
  5. After thinking about this all today...I think it's best for me to do a refund and hope that the buyer will confirm their address and send through a second payment. Even though the original payment is an echeck, I could still get an unauthorized payment claim down the road.

    The only was we are protected as sellers if if on the Paypal detail page it says that the payment is eligible for Seller Protection Policy.

    I hope things get better for everyone.
  6. Sadly australian paypal doesnt have confirmed address yet..i have gotten into alot of hassle because of it when i do transaction with overseas seller:sad:
  7. Hi,
    I have a similar situation and am not sure what to do. Buyer bought a Chanel bag with BIN however the address is unconfirmed. Can't they confirm it now?
    (after they have paid). What if the account they are using is not theirs?
  8. Do NOT send to an unconfirmed address. Refund their payment, and politely explain that they need to resend, and explain what the confirmed address is, and why you must ship to it.

    Unfortunately, this happens alot, even when you write it huge in your ad, you know how eBayers can be....but as long as you are fast to respond, and fully explain (I've offered to call/or be called for newbies who just don't get it), you shouldnt have a problem. I'd say only 1 of say 20 unconfirmed's I had, we couldn't work it out, and I got stuck relisting.
    good luck
  9. I just sold an high-end bag and the international buyer paid with eCheck with an unconfirmed address (not Canada nor England). My question is, if the eCheck is cleared and I take the money out from PayPal, can I still be burned if there is a fraud?

    I understand credit card payment has to be confirmed address, but what about PayPal eCheck? TIA.
  10. Same thing has happened to me..even though I e-mailed the buyer and asked him if the address was confirmed...he said yes, but its not.