Buyer paid but much too late

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  1. My buyer won the item on Thursday night and my auction gives 3 days for payment. I did not receive any communication & she sent the payment late Tuesday (11pm). I've already committed the item to be relisted & will give her a refund. Can I report the item unpaid or do I have to go about it differently? How do I keep her from leaving me negative feedback because I don't want to sell it too her because she did not pay timely?
  2. Actually, she has no right to leave you - feedback coz she's the one whose abuse auction policy by her late payment without confirm or ask something to you ( seller ).

    Since she's submitted payment, will unfair if you report as unpaid-item but may you'd go for mutual agreement not to complete transaction? You'll get back all your fees.
  3. I don't think you can report unpaid - she did pay, just 2 days later than you stated. why are you going through this trouble? she paid, 2 days is not that bad. apart from that, I don't think either eBay or paypal will deal with this as she did pay.

    anyways, I am sure she wouldn't give negative feedback - she is getting her money back. Just tell her you don't want to follow through bec she paid 2 days too late.
  4. even if you specify 3 days eBay rules state you have to allow 7 days for payment. so she can definitely leave negative feedback. if i were you i'd go through with the sale, two days isn't really a huge deal.
  5. Did she mention why she paid late? Perhaps she had a problem or was ill? I'd simply tell her she paid outside the terms of the auction and tell her the item has been relisted, if she'd care to rebid and pay in a timely fashion you'd welcome her bid, then refund her money. I don't think you can file a non-paying bidder on her since she did pay, and if you canceled the sale then she can't file feedback.
  6. eBay gives people 7 days. . You can't even file a claim at 5 days for non-payment.
    I agree. . . why go through the trouble?
    When I read the titel I thought you were going to say after a ton of badgering her, she finally paid 2 weeks later or something, not 5 days after the auction closed.
  7. I think you're setting yourself up for trouble if you don't send her the bag. Ebay gives the buyers 7 days (well, 8 really) to pay and the buyers know this. I've had buyers pay at 7 days but luckily all but one has warned me in advance. I think you may get a negative out of it.
  8. ITA with the majority here. Ebay's rules do give the buyer 7 days to pay. If the buyer has paid, the money is good, and the address is confirmed, what is the problem with just sending her the bag? You wanted your bag sold in the first place, honestly, this should be a delight since it MIGHT not sell the second go around. I hope all works out! ;)
  9. Totally agree. Please let's be nice to our buyers. Ebay should be a wonderful experience for them...and we want them to keep coming back. Customer service is our responsibility--we are the Sellers.:yes:
  10. One more thought, don't know if it is true, but if the buyer bought at 11 pm Thursday night...she probably discovered she won the auction the next morning and then paid you within 3 business days...don't legal contracts run by "business days"?
  11. Agreed. It really doesn't matter what your TOS is regarding shipping. Ebay has their own TOS that will cancel it out.
  12. I think the problem is that every seller has a different payment policy, and often buyers don't read (imagine that!) and literally forget to pay within the seller's time frame. I'd give this buyer some slack. IMO, I think 3 days is not enough time to allow a buyer to pay.

    Also, it was a holiday weekend, and your buyer may have been out of town which is why she didn't pay until Tuesday.

    There's no way you can keep the buyer from leaving you negative feedback. I think you should send her the item and not refund her.
  13. Here is my advice, sell it to her. Ebay wont let you file an unpaid dispute against her. Then you will pay final value fees on both this auction and again when you re-list and sell it. So I think it will be better if you just sell it to her now.

    And technically she can still use her feedback. Even the case of mutally agreeing to not go through with a transaction both parties can leave feedback. I am uncertain if it is calculated into your feedback score, but I know for a fact it is visible. So technically you run the risk of her being bitter and leaving a negative (even though she did not comply with the auction terms).
  14. I agree with the others! She did pay, and plus ebay gives a week, so you can not file a claim. I think you should just sell it.
  15. eBay does give a buyer 7 days to pay and then a seller can file a non paying bidder alert. eBay then gives the buyer 7 more days to pay. Then you get to file for a refund of your final value fees.

    I'm with the others. I wouldn't hassle with it. She sent the money. Send her the bag.