Buyer or buyer's bank has reversed Paypal charge!

  1. Hi everyone. I just got a negative balance in my Paypal account because a buyer or their bank has reversed a Paypal charge. They purchased a Cole Haan bag from me on December 3 with a buy it now and paid immediately. The bag was shipped out via priority mail with signature confirmation on the 5th. They haven't even received the bag yet!

    Have any of you had your Paypal payment reversed? If so, what was the outcome? Thanks! I'm going to start cutting back on my eBay store, it's not even worth the aggravation anymore. eBay is giving me grey hair.:tdown:
  2. If they have done a chargeback that quickly they will have told their bank that it was an unauthorised payment.

    So for you to be covered by paypal you need to have sent it out within 7 days of the bidder paying. Used signature post AND sent to a confirmed paypal address!!
  3. Yes l have. The bank reversed a charge as supposedly someone had accessed the buyers bank account. However, because the were verified by Paypal and had a confirmed shipping address l got my money returned by Paypal once l had sent the proof of delivery and the on-line signature confirmation. You will need to contact Paypal asap
  4. Yes, I have. Many times. Actually I'm having it right now in my account and it is from a US buyer! She used the 'Buy It Now' and paid for it immediately because I have an immediate payment requirement set for the listing.

    Afterwards, she e-mailed me and said that she made a mistake. What kind of mistake was that?! I told her that I was not going to issue a refund due to buyer's remorse.

    I shipped the item and a few days later I got this idiotic chargeback from Paypal.
  5. The same thing happened to me. I woke up this morning and found out a buyer I sold an item to at the end of November did a chargeback. Now my PayPal account is in the negative a couple hundred bucks. I am sooo PO'ed. This has never happened to me before but from reading on here how common this is, I guess I am not too surprised... just upset. I just hope the buyer responds back to me and will work out this situation since I shipped to a confirmed address and they signed for the package.
  6. Here's an update. The buyer says they used an old account and says don't worry I'll fix it. Meanwhile, the bag is sitting at the post office awaiting delivery (it requires a signature). Now, the buyer says that Paypal isn't accepting his credit card :cursing: It is so difficult to sell on eBay these days. First, it's hard to get noticed, then everyone thinks you're selling fakes even though I don't sell the really high end bags. Nobody does buy it nows anymore, they all want a brand new bag for nothing! If somebody does buy, first, you have to worry about whether the post office will screw up the delivery and then you have to worry about chargebacks. I've done everything I can to stop the fraudulent buyers but it seems like there will always be a way to be scammed no matter how careful you are. Bring it on fraudsters, I'm PMSing and ready for a fight :boxing:
  7. Update?

    Did they sign for the bag or was it returned from the P.O.?
  8. Oh my god! What is this, some sort of epidemic? I just had this happen to me too. I sold a Chanel jacket, and if there is any reason to be thankful that I have been hospitalized twice this week, it is that I didn't send the jacket immediately. Their payment was reversed several days ago and my account sits in the negative (actually paypal took back a transfer to my bank account that I made after selling another item, and the remaining negative balance shows in my paypal account!) I am FUMING. The buyer is in the UK and refuses to respond to contact. I contacted paypal about this and they told me NOT to ship the item, to wait to hear from them or to return the balance. :cursing: I don't know how much more of this crap I can take.
  9. Oh gosh, y'all. I can go on and on and on about this topic. This happened to me this summer over a Balenciaga I sold on ebay for $1300! :hysteric::cursing:

    The thing about Paypal is that you are only protected by them if you follow certain guidelines, so make sure you are well aware of their SPP if you're going to use them. However, one inherent problem is that they require everything be documented online. And using USPS for delivery, you can only buy $500 worth of insurance online. Above that, you must go to the post office, itself. And doing that negates any SPP coverage! :cry:

    I talked to a couple of other sellers who I really admire, plus some brick and mortar merchants and they all say the same thing...that chargebacks are a cost of doing business. It can and will happen to everyone. I was told that I have to figure that into the cost of doing business, and weigh the ability of doing so. *sigh*

    Any way you cut it as a seller, it pretty much stinks. :shrugs:

    ANd lastly...I'm so sorry it's happened to those of you who've been burned. I know how mad it can make you! :s
  10. Here's another update. The bag has not been delivered yet, it's still at the post office. It was valued at over $250 so it requires a signature. I wrote to the buyer saying I require payment within five business days or return of the bag within 7 days or I will take legal action. He responds that he has been working late hours, long lines at the post office, blah, blah blah...... basically fobbing me off with a sob story. Meanwhile he continues to purchase things on Ebay, seemingly with no problem. Mmmmmm
  11. Yeah it is hard on ebay. I have cut back on selling myself. But...for any expensive bags/items send them UPS or Fedex Ground. The prices are the same if not cheaper I have found. Plus they will attempt to re deliver bags not just let them sit at the PO for the customer to go get.

    The PO never is able to "track" stuff, only confirm! Whereas UPS can tell you where your item is all the time as they scan it at every destination. I would never let the PO have my expensive items LOL!
  12. What a creep. That pisses me off when they continue to buy knowing they havent settled up with you. I would call the PO and tell them to ship it back to you. I dont know if they can, but I would try! Good Luck.
  13. hi everyone
    i'm new to this site. i just want you all to be aware that a chargeback can happen on your paypal account up to six months after the transaction and in spme cases up tp a year. it happened to me on my paypal account.
  14. Also, just to add, even if you do all the paypal requirements, if the buyer files a chargeback due to "item not as described" (which is a big lie, BTW), you're still not covered by paypal. I sent to a confirmed US address, signature required, fully insured, item arrived before 7 days was up. Package was signed for and shows up online as signed for by the buyer, and still a negative in my account for the chargeback.
  15. you are so right about paypal. more info for all of you is that when you sell to another country,the item is difficult to track for the us post office.i also bought an item and never got it.ebay said the sale was a clear case of fraud,paypal agreed,but could not recover my much for paypal or e-bay protection.