buyer opens a claim!?!?!?

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  1. i recently sold a used bag and the buyer has opened a dispute demanding a partial refund because she says it i grossly mis-represented the bag. i stated it was used repeatedly and sold it for over 50% off retail price. is there any way i can prevent her from getting a refund!? i feel like she's taking me for a ride, i sold her a used bag and she is angry because it isn't perfect!! it was USED!
  2. Was the bag's signs of wear described in your listing?
    You are not obliged to give the buyer a partial refund despite what she demands! As she's opened up a dispute with Paypal...if she wins Paypal will ask her to return the bag back to you and once you have received it they will give the buyer a full refund.
  3. Hi Sara - Your buyer sent me a PM regarding your post and there really isn't anything that I can do since this is an Ebay issue and not a TPF issue. However, I did take a look at the listing and the only mention of wear is that it was used twice. There are no additional pics or descriptions. I hope the nice ladies in this forum can give you their nonbiased opinion based on that information, but I would appreciate it if you leave the buyer's identity out of it as a courtesy, and to reduce the possibility of drama. I will make sure that the courtesy extends to you as well should the need arise in another forum.
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    I have never posted on this forum but I have been buying and selling things on ebay for more than 10 years and I know that condition is a subjective thing. Back in the day before photos were used, many sellers often mastered the art of examining the items with a magnifying glass and a fine tooth comb, so to speak, to make sure that everything that could possibly be seen as a damage was listed in the description in ensure that a buyer would be comfortable with bidding and to avoid disputes. I personally err on the side of caution when it comes to listings.

    Perhaps, in your description you inadvertently may not have described all the wear and tear even though you believe that you honestly did. For example, when I list an purse I check for the following and more: was there any damage to the lining or spots on the bag, rubbing or wear of the metallic finish on corners or on any area besides corners, crumbs, perfume odor, loose hardware or anything else that you didn't state on the description?

    Don't misunderstand, I am not in any way suggesting you are dishonest or that your buyer is either. I believe this might simply be a matter of perception of what the condition of this item is.

    A clear example is this: I returned a bag to a seller because her description listed it as NWOT...but it reeked of perfume, had fading on the handles, water spots on the bag itself and was clearly used numerous times. (Even when I emailed her with questions before I BIN...she said that the condition was exactly as stated.) This is just to illustrate that one woman's perception of NWOT is not anothers.

    Have you tried to settle it amicably, despite the current situation? I am only suggesting this since once again, condition is subjective and if the buyer has photos of the bag that shows much more wear/damage than the description she (or he) might have a legit beef. Sometimes goodwill goes a long way to future sales. This is just IMHO though. Nothing more.
  5. I would suggest that you ask the buyer to return the bag and offer her a full refund less S&H. Then file with *bay to get your fees back (mutually withdraw from the transaction). As long as you use the "refund this payment" on the PayP transaction page, the PayP fees will be refunded to you as well.

    If you'd prefer to fight the dispute, perhaps you can offer more information so that we can give you better advice? Possibly post a link to the auction (mods, is this allowed?) and let us know what, exactly, the buyer is dissatisfied with?
  6. Hi Sarah-

    Even without the mod's posting we would have asked if you detailed the use in pics and what is the buyer claiming was the use.

    For me, I always take pics of insides and every corner and list any marks, stains, etc... If I only used the bag twice it would likely be the case that the buyer wouldn't be able to tell it was used. How much use showed on the bag?

    In your case how much was the bag sold for and how much of a partial refund are they seeking? If you feel you accurately described the item ask the buyer for pics detailing the use and then decide whether to agree or deny. Paypal cannot force a partial payment but if they side with her she will get to return the bag for a full refund.
  7. a buyer can link, seller cannot [could be seen as advertising since her ebay ID is included]
    she can post her description and any pics though
  8. Get the bag back. Because she will most likely file a SNAD and win anyway if you don't "offer" to do a return. (yes it is a buyer's world and it is a form of blackmail) However, next time you list -- if what the MOD said above is true:that in your listing you say it was used twice -- you can say and show pix of how worn it actually is? Good luck. In this day and age on ebay you will not win a dispute against a SNAD.
  9. which bag was it? the one with the buy it now or the other one? the one with the buy it now states you only wore it twice (and isn't that the bag you got from the giveaway on the be forum?) and the other one does describe quite a bit of wear. so it does seem like you checked the bags.... what is she saying is wrong with the bag? and how much of a partial refund does she want?
  10. I put about 12 photos in every listing. I take photos of any damage and describe the damage as accuratley as possible. I also disclose any odors. Since most of us are in the dark, all we can do is tell us how we do things.

    You can either let her file with PP and take your chances or offer a refund upon return. I don't do partial refunds.
  11. It's the Gold SMM in question here. (i'm not the buyer)
  12. I am not looking for drama, I just want to present some facts here.

    Here is the link to the ebay listing:

    I purchased what I thought was barely used bag (2 times is the claim). The fact that the seller was a tPFr gave me an added sense of security with the purchase. What I received has obvious wear as it shown in the photos. The lining is also very dirty and the hardware shows signs of tarnishing.

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  13. Karma restoration suggestions...

    Provide partial refund to eBay buyer (or offer return).
    Reimburse customs fees paid by original owner.
  14. well the condition should always be disclosed in any listing. The bag was described as used twice so I too would not expect to see that kind of wear on a "used twice" bag.
    Metallic leather is notorious for rubbing off to show the leather underneath but it still should have been stated in the description.
    I'm sorry OP but you really should have stated all signs of wear in your listing, just by putting used twice does not mean that your interpretation of used is the same as someone elses. I would accept a return and refund the buyer upon receipt of the bag back to you.
  15. Sara.. no offense hon... but anytime you have wear on a bag.. in this case metallic rub, it needs to be described and photographed... even if it was originally purchased by you in that condition and NEVER used.
    IMO, there were not enough auction photos provided by seller to show the condition (metallic rub) that the buyers has shown w/ her photos.
    You ladies need to privately go work this out.:heart:
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