Buyer offering to buy off ebay

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  1. I have a bag on eBay right now but a buyer offered me less than my BIN price...offering to take the transaction off of eBay but still paying with PayPal so she pays less but my in pocket amount is the same b/c I save on fees. I have never done this before. Is this super risky for me as a seller?what should I do?
  2. You are 100% protected and so is the buyer.
  3. I would ony sell it through ebay. I'm not one to use a company's services and then not pay them. If the buyer were to claim a SNAD, you wouldn't have your auction pitures to back you up.
  4. They never look at auction pictures or do any other kind of investigating in a SNAD claim anyway. PP is completely arbitrary siding in the buyer's favour 99.99% of the time.

    Still though, I would not take this off ebay. If she wants it she can pay the price you are asking.
  5. I agree with the above 2 posters... do the transaction on ebay...
  6. :tup:
  7. I hate to ask, but I'm just curious to know.
    If the OP keeps the transaction on eBay and the buyer files a SNAD the buyer wins. If she takes it off eBay and the buyer files a SNAD the buyer still wins.

    What's the extra protection (if any) as a seller does the OP have? Why keep it on eBay versus taking it off eBay, other than the fact of cutting eBay into a piece of your profit?

  8. None whatsoever, the protection offered thru paypal is the same.
  9. ^agree
  10. PayPal is a business subsidiary of eBay, so eBay gets your money anyway, just a matter of more or less.
  11. what more is ebay going to think of???
  12. There are really squeezing every nickel at this point.
    How about lifting limits on sellers accounts?
    I saw the new website launching on ABC and the CEO put emphasis on how it
    Was not a flea market but that now most stuff were new.
    Bye,bye small sellers.

  13. One of many issues that's needs to be reviewed...

    Ebay is just as greedy as other businesses and unfortunately still has the
    best worldwide exposure...according to many

    Its a win win for them... other sites just don't have the exposure that
    Ebay they get awway not only with squeezing every nickel & dime
    but don't give sellers the support they need against scamming buyers...