Buyer of authentic bags & seller of fakes

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  1. Hey all,

    I just sold my authentic large jacquard diabolo on eBay, and there's this buyer who's impeccable as a buyer since she paid really fast and everything, but I just recently noticed that she sells bags too and nothing but fakes! I just think it's disgusting...getting money off of selling fake bags so that she can get the money to buy reals for herself? She advertised her bags as "100% authentic" too...I guess for some people it doesn't matter how they got their money? I just think that for someone who's so discriminate on owning authentic merchandise to mislead other people who want the same is just plain awful. :yucky: Sorry for the rant!
  2. We understand! If you feel comfortable, you should report her listings to eBay as counterfeit!
  3. Thank you! I think I will do that. But as this is my first do I report counterfeits to eBay?
  4. There is a link at the bottom of each auction page that says something like "report this item." You have to click on the link and then select the appropriate category for why you are reporting it. I think it's Counterfeits and copyright violations-->potential trademark infringement-->counterfeit handbags. The next page will have a link that says "contact us." You have to send an e-mail to ebay through this link. If you want, you can report multiple items at once by collecting all the item numbers and entering them into the form, or you can do the whole process for each item. The form will automatically enter the item number for the item you clicked on the "report" link from.
  5. Is she selling those of her own past fake bags or a retailer of fake bags??
  6. Thank you Litigatrix! I have just reported. Hopefully eBay will respond accordingly. I don't know whether those are of her own past fake bags, but if she can tell a real (I think she can from the feedback she gave me) I still think she shouldn't advertise her bags as such. :yucky:
  7. I checked another of her feedback that she left for another seller; it seems like she really can tell.
  8. Update: that eBayer is no longer a registered user. Looks like eBay has kicked her off :yes: