Buyer not insuring bag

  1. I just sold a Louis Vuitton bag (over $1000.00) and she only paid for shipping and chose not to insure the bag. I have sent her emails reminding her that the bag should really be insured but haven't heard back from her. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm concerned about what my liability would be if the bag was lost?
  2. Yes, you will be responsible if the bag is lost, as insurance is really to protect the seller. I would probably just go ahead and pay for the insurance and in the future make insurance required.
  3. :supacool:You would absolutely be out the money if it arrives damaged or if it was lost. Insurance is for you, the seller. The buyer has all the protection they need when they pay by Paypal.
  4. I'm shocked, why does Paypal protect them if they don't choose insurance? Is there some way for me to verify this with Paypal? Thanks for your input!
  5. Paypal takes the attitude that until the bag is in the buyer's hands, it is the seller's responsibility.

    I don't really know the American postal system - I THINK (but please check!) you are covered for a non-delivery claim if you have trackable delivery, regardless of whether or not it is insured. However, if the bag was damaged in transit and the buyer filed a SNAD dispute, then I would say without question that Paypal would find in favour of the buyer.
  6. Zippie,

    Read the Seller Protection Program. You need to be able to provide online signature confirmation to be protected. You must get the item to the buyer in good condition. If those things don't occur, you are not covered by Paypals Seller Protection Program.
  7. I agree with bestinclothes, PP requires signature confirmation for anything valued over $250. Don't skimp on that, it's only a dollar or so more than delivery confirmation and it's worth the peace of mind.
  8. Yup...and pay for that insurance too. Because if the bag gets damaged in shipping, a buyer is going to win a significantly not as described claim.
  9. ^ I agree, same for if the bag is lost. You will not be able to prove delivery and will lose the paypal claim.
  10. Agree with the others - on something like that I would always include the insurance charges in my price quote - do not make it optional next time so you're protected. You don't have to list it seperate - just include the calculation in your shipping charge.
  11. Thank you everyone!
  12. Require insurance in the future or give a flat fee for shipping & handling that includes ins. $20.00 for a 3.5lb bag is about what i charge so I'm covered if the bag goes all the way to CA.

    For this transaction, just pay for it yourself so you are covered. It's worth the peace of mind.
  13. insure, insure! I am currently in hell as I shipped a bag without insurance. see my adelle posting.
  14. I always charge at least $20 for shipping with insurance optional, if they choose not to pay for it, I take it out of the shipping fee. That is why sellers have had to start charging higher shipping fees then normal.
  15. USPS will not cover packages that are not insured. They won't even help you locate them if they are lost if there is no insurance.

    Bite the bullet and just pay the extra $10.90 for the insurance, and in the future include it in your shipping and handling cost. I would rather pay the extra $10.90 than lose a PayPal claim and be out $1000. ...And trust me.... PayPal will decide in the buyer's favor.