buyer new to Bonanza has 110% positive FB on Ebay

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  1. So if a buyer is new to Bonanza and can't import FB as a buyer to Bonanza but gives me her Ebay name how do I know it's the same person?
    She uses a different name on Ebay. Would you send a message to the Ebay ID asking her what her Bonanza name is?
  2. Definitely, or ask her to send a screenshot of her ebay profile when logged in.
  3. thanks
  4. #4 Apr 12, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2016
    Why do you care?

    I'd say at least 90% (and probably more) of my Bonanza buyers are "new" to Bonz. Many have generic names, meaning they haven't even signed up for Bonz but are purchasing as guests through Google/Amazon.

    And as long as they pay for their items, use a payment method that gives me seller protection (and them buyer protection), I'm not sure I understand what difference it makes or why one would care about their Ebay ID.

    May I ask why it matters to you? Do you want to make sure you aren't selling to a reseller and if so, who cares? IMO, you want to sell and they want to buy. That's the point. So what if they are going to flip it?

    ETA: BTW, how does an ebay member have "110% positive feedback?"
  5. 110% FB was a typo. Sorry.
    In the process of communicating about price, she volunteered her Ebay name. I checked it and it was positive. I just wondered since it was a different name, how do I know for sure it's the same person.

    Not that I wouldn't sell to a new Bonanza member but any reassurance about history is helpful. And she was negotiating for a lower price.
  6. Keep in mind that unless she also sells, ALL ebay feedback will be 100%.

    As for verifying that they're the same person, about all you can do is see whether the locations are the same.

    It's probably unlikely that she'd choose some random ebay member to impersonate although I remember that years ago, there was a seller on iOffer who sold fake LV bags out of China and used the Fashionphile ID. FP reported it and the seller was booted.