Buyer Never Received Package

  1. I opened my e-mail yesterday to find that a package I has sent on 1/23/08 had not arrived at the buyer's address yet.

    The buyer opened a Paypal dispute saying I "don't reply to his e-mails or anything" and that he never got the package. Now he wants a FULL refund. Even for the shipping charges.

    He did not buy any insurance for the item.

    Is it valid for the buyer to open this claim through Paypal? I have the receipt for when the item was mailed.

    What do I do?

  2. unfortunately it is the seller's responsibility to make sure the package arrives. That is why I require insurance on all orders. Paypal will require confirmation of delivery w/ signature if purchase was >$250. Not sure that they will accept confirmation of mailing only.
  3. Have you tracked the package!
  4. No. The package did not have tracking.

    The item doesn't have a lot of value. I guess I am just annoyed that the buyer opened a Paypal dispute instead of contacting me.
  5. ITA. Buyers have 45 days to file a dispute which gives them plenty of time to try and resolve it with the seller first.
  6. This recently happened to me. I purchased a pair of slippers on eBay and the seller shipped it out via with a tracking number.
    I tracked the package online and it showed as delivered but I never received it. I contacted my local post office and they basically couldn't help me because they said that if the tracking info shows delivered, then the package was delivered. But of course I never received it and they couldn't verify which address it was actually delivered to.
    Anyway, the seller did not insure the package because I did not requet insurance. I opened a dispute with paypal and they told me that since the seller had tracking info that showed delivered, the case was closed and I am out $40. Oh well, I am just glad that this didn't happen to something with a high value.
  7. The one and only time I did not send an item with tracking info (it was a low cost item) the buyer stated that they never received it and I had no choice but to refund their money. I still wonder to this day if the buyer received it, saw there was not tracking on there and then decided to say they never got it. Guess I'll never know. Lesson learned though, I always send with delivery confirmation at least, at my own expense because I know it's my responsibility as a seller to provide proof of delivery. I do this even if it's a $5 item.

  8. Unfortunately you are going to be out of luck on this one. A receipt is not enough proof. You MUST provide tracking with every single item you send out, regardless of its value. It doesn't matter that the buyer didn't choose to purchase insurance. Insurance is really to protect the seller. Hope it turns out OK for you~
  9. Thanks everyone.

    I see I will have to pay the buyer for the item. It's extra annoying to me that I have to pay the shipping too. :C

    I think I am going to avoid this buyer in the future. After reading some feedback posts this isn't the first time the buyer "never got the package..."