Buyer needs Help!!

  1. Hi All! Sorry for the long post!!!
    I would like your opinion if I should put in for Significantly Not As Described. I just purchased Manolo Blahnik boots from this auction.

    When I received them the suede of one of the boots was significantly wrinkled. I emailed the seller asking about it being wrinkled and wondered if it was from water damage and asked for a refund. The seller does not mention this in her description and when I contacted her after receiving them, she said from multiple emails:

    "i am totally unawate of any water damage."

    "i was not withholding information. weren't you the one who asked if these were authentic and requested additional photos? they are used boots and i did not notice any water stain."

    "i looked the boots over before they were mailed. i did not see anything you describe. i am sorry."

    I would appreciate any advice!!! Thanks so much!!!
    m1.jpg m2.jpg m3.jpg
  2. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but do the wrinkles come out when you wear them? The description says they are snug fitting, I would think the wrinkles would come out when they stretch around your leg.

    I do see some water marks (light spots in the suade). This may be fixed by a good suade cleaning from your shoe cobbler. The description says they are in "outstanding" condition, I agree, they are not, but I would ask for reimbursement of the shoe cobbler fee only. Because they were listed as used with very little detail as to the wear, I don't think PayPal will be very sympathetic. I'm not an expert, this is just my opinion!
  3. I agree with taking them to a shoe repair shop. I think that PayPal would probably decide in the seller's favor on this one, since they are used. The seller may be more willing to refund you for the repair. I guess I also have the same question... Do the wrinkles come out when you put them on?
  4. You can almost see the wrinkles in the auction, but personally, I wouldn't have noticed it either. If it really bothers you, tell her the repair cost for the shoes and see if she'll compensate you the cost. $376 is still a lot of money for shoes that are suppose to be in outstanding condition.
  5. Same question: Do the wrinkles come out when you put them on? Also, in the email from your seller, she says that you asked for additional pictures. Did you see wrinkles in the boots before you bid?
  6. Thanks for all your replies. When I put the boots on the wrinkles do stretch out for the most part but you can still see them where the boots are not tight.

    print*model - the additional pictures she posted are the ones she added after I requested more pics
    thithi - that is what is really bothering me, I paid $376 for boots that are "outstanding". If I knew the condition they were really in, no way would I pay that much.

    When you suggest for repairs, you mean to get the wrinkles out? Can a shoe repair place do that? Thanks for any more suggestions.
  7. I would bring it in to a cobbler and get an estimate... and to see if it can be fixed!
  8. well she didn't provide good pictures but i can still see the wrinking in 1 of her photos but for the price you paid i would want to get my money do they look when you put them on?