Buyer needing some help, please!

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  1. Okay let me start by saying it isn't a handbag, but I find TPFers to be much more helpful than ebay. =)

    My friend doesn't have an ebay account so I agreed to help bid on an electronic game for her, and have it sent to her address. The seller agreed to send to that address, and shipped it out yesterday (August 21). Two minutes ago, I received a message from paypal saying I was fully refunded for this transaction. In a personal message along with the paypal statement, the seller tells me he just tested the game and it no longer worked.

    Why would he send it if it didn't work?
    What should I do now? Should I wait until the package arrives, have my friend test it, prove that it doesn't work, and buy another one?
    Should I send the package back to the seller if it has been tested by my friend and doesn't work?

    Thanks! ^.^
    Matt :smile:
  2. It just sounds like the game wasn't sent out when they said it was. A lot of sellers do that, and I'm not sure why.
  3. Thanks Shoulderache! It never occured to me that they didn't actually send it. How should I respond to them?
  4. You don't really have to respond to anyone. You can leave feedback for the seller if you choose. other than that I guess you'll be on the hunt for another copy of the game.