buyer made offer, i accepted, now she is...

  1. ... GONE!:wtf:

    i literally waited until the end of auction to accept the offer as i think it was a good deal for her but accepted nonetheless.
    my listing clearly state payment due within 24 hours and communication is ESSENTIAL.
    i emailed a couple of times nicely and still nothing.
    in the meantime her feedbacks are getting more from some rock music shop where she has shopped.

    it has been over 2 days now...:cursing:
    what to do?:crybaby:
    shall i just invoice her?
  2. Invoice her and send a reminder to contact you.

    Buyers have a full 7 days to pay under eBay rules. Savvy buyers know that the sellers requests for payment in any time frame smaller than that are ultimately requests. Your hands are tied until 7 days.
  3. thank you!
    i will send the invoice now and wait until the end of the 7 days...
    and then? if still no payment?
  4. File a Non Paying Bidder report with eBay.
  5. ok thanks everyone.
    she contacted me today saying she hadnt checked her account until today???
    surely she got all the email alerts that i sent her the invoice and messages.
    she said she will pay tomorrow. fingers crossed :smile:
  6. It was a maor holiday weekend in the that could be why!
  7. oh thats true!
    thanks twiggers :smile:
    hopefully tomorrow!!
  8. ETA
    seems like its been paid :smile: