Buyer made best offer, I acceped, she paid, BUT the best offer was MORE than my BIN!

  1. What does this mean? My item was $795 BIN or best offer, this morning a buyer sends me a best offer of $796 which I accepted, groggily because I had just woken up. Looking at the transaction now, I see that she OFFERED ME a dollar more than my BIN price?

    What am I supposed to make of this?

    Can this be problematic for me in any way shape or form?

    Despite all this, the bag retails for $895, so she still saved a lot of money..
  2. Sounds like she was groggy this morning too ;)
  3. :wtf::wtf::wtf:
  4. I don't think that would be a problem. There is no rule that best offer must be lower than BIN.
  5. Just make sure she has a confirmed shipping address and use some sort of tag to mark the bag before sending it.
  6. Maybe she's new to eBay and not familiar yet with the terms 'BO' or BIN' - she thought it's just some kind of bidding-thingy. Or she was groggy indeed. Anyhow, lucky you! (Maybe you could send her a piece of nice chocolate in return?...:rolleyes:)
  7. I think it might warn you when you do that as the buyer. I can't remember exactly because it was a while ago, but I once accidentally entered a bid (not BO) higher than the BIN, and I remember the eBay confirm warned me about it and asked if I really wanted to do it. I didn't, so I changed mine! I would imagine that it does the same for best offers. I guess she hadn't had her coffee yet. :shrugs:
  8. Strongly agree... Ummm just wonder if she's newbie? :confused1:
  9. Maybe she miss-typed it.....
  10. well i think its only $1 so i wouldnt worry too much.
  11. Did she include shipping costs in her BO? I've heard of people doing that...otherwise, I agree with the pp's, she must not have had her morning coffee yet. :p Glad the transaction has gone well so far!

  12. I also think she may have been including her shipping costs... or does eBay automatically add them onto a BIN?

    I also think friponne might be right - perhaps she thinks you still need to bid with a BIN - in that case, she probably thinks she got a great deal!
  13. lol!! how strange!!? well, i wouldn't complain if someone wanted to pay me more than i was asking...

    maybe she thought that it was a buy it now and an auction at the same time? so she wanted to offer you a bit more so that you wouldn't continue the auction? i don't know...doesn't make much sense to me.
  14. ??? Whoa, weird. Maybe she means including shipping???
  15. Well since you said she was new, maybe she thought the BIN price was what she had to bid above? lol