Buyer lying saying the bag is fake!

  1. I am getting rid of all my Dooney & Bourke so I decided to sell them on eBay. I purchased every single one of those bags myself, most of them are from Strawbridges. Some are older styles. One buyer just sent me an e-mail saying the bag and wallet he bought are fake. That he took them to Dillards and that Dillards and Dooney confirmed they are fake. There is NO WAY that is true. I told him I purchased them myself and was 100% sure they are authentic and told him if he gets a letter from Dooney I would refund his money. I don't know what else to do. What would you do?? :cursing:
  2. Sounds like buyer's remorse to me. If you think he's going to be a problem, you might want to take it back and just relist it. Tell him you will not refund shipping charges. Or you could tell him no refunds but you will risk him trying to do a chargeback and/or giving you negative feedback. It's really up to you and how you think he will act.

    Do you have the receipt you can use as proof?
  3. Cindi, it depends on how much grief you are willing to put up with. We don't smoke yet a buyer recently insisted a bag we sent him (brand new, bought by us from the Gucci outlet, never used) "reeked of cigarette smoke." We knew it could not be true but told him to send it back for a refund. He did, we refunded him, and he left us positive feedback. There is NO cigarette smell at all. . .nor any other smoke smell for that matter. What it smells like is a branch new patent leather bag. . . .and patent leather doesn't smell like calfskin. But. . . .it was easier than dealing with the grief. We did not refund the shipping charge and he paid for shipping b ack to us.

    This is what we tend to do. Otherwise, be prepared for grief and agony =(
  4. This is exactly why I've stopped selling my bags on eBay. I'm so afraid of having buyers issues exactly as this! I just wait for that email stating my bag is fake, it has a tiny scratch you didn't mention, it smells like xx.. When none of that would ever be true. I sold an authentic LV cabas Mezzo to a lady who called my home the day she got it & rudely told me she thinks the bag is fake. Mind you, she knew nothing about LV! There was no convincing her otherwise & she was just a nasty person- her FB from other transactions reflected that. I ended up taking the bag back, as hard as it was, but I didn't refund shipping & didn't pay for her to send it back. All the while I maintained it was authentic, she didn't want to hear it. You know what's funny, she bought a FAKE multicolor that very next week. :push: Then raved about the seller in her FB while she's calling me every name in the book.

    I also sold a pair of True Religion jeans one time & the buyer rudely emailed & insisted they were fake because they were her size & they didn't fit her. I bought those jeans directly from a boutique & there is no way they were fake. I went through all the threats of being reported to ebay to her telling me she would call the cops on me.. God, some people have nerve!!

    Sorry that happened to you. As already mentioned, if you don't want the headache, as hard as it is to "suck it up", have him return it to you less shipping & your fees. If you want to ride it out, then cooperate with Paypal & let them deal with the buyer. He might give up the ridiculous claims.

    Anyone selling on Ebay will have to deal with this crap at one time or another. I have several pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans that I don't wear but I can't bring myself to list them on Ebay. Just the fear of dealing with a rotten apple again is enough....

    Best of luck!
  5. Its not just eBay it's "the human condition." We sold a bag on our website one time (a few years ago) to a woman in England. She bought it in the middle of the night (our time) and paid. We shipped, and followed up (twice!) with emails asking if all was well and if she was pleased (yes, we were fishing for feedback on our website =) Never heard a word. Nothing. Then, 4 months later, an irate email: "I paid for shipping and then the postal sservice charged me more! I demand a refund!! I already paid for shipping!"

    Well, of course, she was talking about customs duty. We replied to that effect and have never heard further from her. (No feedback either, by the way =)

    Another time we sold a pair of socks on eBay (socks for goodness sakes. . .I think it was $9.00.) Our listings always say "PayPal only." So, this person wins the auction ($9.00) and then wants to know where to mail her personal check. Politley, we explain our selling terms. I can't qwuote her reply because this is a "family show" =) but suffice it to say she expected us to wait a week or two, take her personal check for $9.00, and send her the socks. Nicely (Simon Cowell nicely) we told her to suck a lemon and never heard back.

    It's a people business =)
  6. I hate that. People are getting worse and worse...I refuse to sell to anyone with feedback under a certain number. I don't care. Ebay just raised their fees again, too. One time, a woman sold me an ugly Korean fake which she passed off as real (it was a Coach and she deliberately fixed in the photo to make it look OK, so I didn't question.) Then she took it Squaretrade, and she was the crook! I got forty dollars back. Then there are those people who buy the bag at the last minute and ask if it's real!
  7. OMG, what horror stories. I hope I don't run into those type of people. It may be inevitable, but I'd hate to even have to deal with them.
  8. I'm in the "it's easier to refund than to deal with the hassle" camp. I have never sold a fake bag, but I've refunded for various reasons. One woman bought a like-new Gucci Blondie from me and returned it because it was "too heavy." Another bought a Balenciaga shoulder with tags from Luisa Via Roma attached and didn't believe it was authentic. I sold a 1920s deco watch to a woman who returned it because the vintage band had "scratches on the underside." (I resold that one at three times the price because -- guest what? -- that vintage band was highly collectible.) It's a pain, but it's easier than fighting about it.
  9. You have to understand, Ebayers are from all over the nation, so there will always be mixed reviews on the way we see life... If you have a problem and know your item is Authentic, just get the handbag back and sell to someone else, it is not worth the headache's.
  10. I would refund the money, minus the shipping charges. The only 2 negative feedbacks I have ever received were from buyers that didn't read about damages I clearly listed on the auction listing and took pictures of to make sure I wasn't trying to fool anyone!!! Ebay can be such a pain sometimes.

  11. Can totally relate to this! Had the exact thing happened to me! She threatened to neg me and file a complaint with Paypal if I didn't accept the return. I too took the item back and refunded her the purchase price only, no shipping, coz I didn't want the hassle. Some people a totally rude, they want the same service and flexibility as stores at bargain prices!

    Just accept the return, if you don't want the headache. Make sure you received YOUR bag back and that she didn't pull a switch for a fake!
  12. Thanks for the advice. I never really sell on eBay so I haven't had to deal with very many buyer problems. Since telling this jerk to prove it I haven't gotten a return e-mail. I even said to him, if you decided you didn't want the bag that's once thing ( and he got a REALLY good price) but don't accuse me of selling a fake. I guess you guys are right, I will take it back and resell it. Thanks again. Did I mention I hate people?
  13. Well, I agreed to take the bag and wallet back but I am not happy about it. Sometimes I hate eBay. :sad:
  14. join the club cindi! can you pm me with your ebay name please? i use the same name for tpf as ebay, if you want to ever look me up. i like to know other authentic sellers, b/c i do plenty of buying!
  15. ^^ Aw, hugs! Many of us have had to do it & yes, it can really get you down but just be glad you'll be rid of that person! Don't forget to block them from bidding on any more of your auctions~