Buyer left positive immediately after BIN?

  1. I have a buyer who just did a BIN on my purse, a newbie who registered last week with no feedback. And left a positive feedback within minutes... what's going on? I have not received payment and of course have not shipped the purse... what's the catch? :confused1:
  2. Maybe she's just keen?!
  3. Just received payment from her. Maybe she's new and doesn't understand how eBay feedback system work?
  4. I've had buyers do this. She's just unfamiliar with how the feedback system works. If I were you, I would thank her for the kind feedback but let her know that in the future, she will want to be sure to wait until she actually gets the item before leaving feedback. There are unscrupulous sellers who would love to take advantage of such a trigger-happy buyer.
  5. Hehe u should be okay. I have about 10 buyers who were brand new and left feedback right after they sent payment. They just don't know how it works yet.

    I kinda like it that way sometimes..bc if anything went bad, its too late cuz they already left POSITIVE! ( lol -evil!)
  6. I've had that happen. Sometimes new buyers just don't get the feedback system or she meant to leave the feedback for something she had received and left it for you instead.
  7. I guess since she's newbie, she think if she leave you feedback soon, you'll do the same or she trust you to do it :smile:
  8. Yeah they just don't know how the feedback system works - buy heh at least it was positive!
  9. it happened to me once, i sent the buyer a kindly email and gave her some feedback advice
  10. Awwwwww......I WANT that puppy!! :heart:
  11. I've left feedback for the wrong person before--their IDs were similar.
  12. Hope it's not - feedback ;)

  13. :okay: It's okay. At least it was positive! She'll get the hang of it!
  14. Agreed. She probably doesn't know how it works yet. I'd thank her and explain how to do this in the future!
  15. Hehe no it was +