Buyer left positive feedback now chargeback?

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  1. Buyer bought my Tom Ford Sunglasses on eBay said she was very happy with them etc, and left positive feedback. Now I have three emails from her and a possible Paypal claim saying sunglasses not as described etc!
    What to do? Any help appreciated
  2. Call ebay/PP and tell them what happened. She will most likely win simply because she is a buyer. But if she already left good FB, you may be able to win a case. She is filing a SNAD right? But why would she do that AFTER she left good FB? You need to call ebay/PP asap and sort this out with them.
  3. ^ :yes:

    Can I just double check with you that you know, for sure, that they are definitely authentic (i.e. bought by you, or someone else that you know is trustworthy, from an authorised store) and as described in every other way? :smile:
  4. Yes they are 100% authentic bought by me in a shop, she has had them for two weeks, and said they were "not like I would buy in a store" she said the dont have the cross at the nose and cut away at the sides, but if you see my photos, they clearly show that they do! She did not go through eBay check out either, she paid me from another paypal account (still hers) manually
  5. ^ Oh dear, sounds like she's possibly going to try to switch them for another pair? :s

    You didn't happen to attach an irremovable tag and/or take pics of them in the packaging, just before shipping them, did you?

    Also, do you have the original receipt?
  6. Even if she attached an unremovable tag to her sunnies, i bet buyer must already removed it given the fact buyer already had it for 2 weeks.
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    ^ Well, yes, true. :yes:

    But if she had pics of the sunglasses with her tag on in the auction and/or had taken pics of them, with the tag on, in the packaging, just before sealing the package and sending it and had the original receipt, it might, at least, mean that Paypal didn't automatically find in the buyer's favour.

    I realise that that still wouldn't be concrete proof that the seller hadn't switched the authentic glasses for fakes, at the very last minute; but it would be a lot of trouble for a fake seller to go to and hopefully, PP would see that. :smile:

    Also, I believe, if the buyer has claimed the glasses are fake, she has to provide independent proof of that.

    Whereas, if she is just claiming that they are not as described, in some other way (but still auth.), the fact that she had used them (which I think could be assumed if the tag had been removed, but can't just be assumed from her having them in her possession for 2 weeks) would mean that they were no longer in the same condition as they were received in (and therefore, PP, again, might hopefully find in the seller's favour [especially as the buyer's already left a positive]).
  8. God, no, I didnt even think of that, with a bag yes but not sunnies, and no receipt, oh well, lets just see how it goes, she sent me 4 emails in the middle of the night about different things about the sunglasses
  9. ^ So, is she claiming they're fake, do you know, or just a different style from that shown in the auction pics?
  10. Do you have any receipt ?
  11. She has not used the word fake, she said they are different from how they are shown in the auction photos, not the same as she would buy in a store and said I ripped her off. I am just concerned that she has left posotive feedback, kept them for two weeks and now wants a full refund
  12. This is an off-fBay transaction, right? It is if she didn't go through fBay check-out.
    You used "chargeback" on the thread title, and that implies she's disputing the charge with her cc company. Is she? Or, as you state in the first post, is she only talking about a SNAD claim?

    Since she paid outside fBay, she's not in a good position. PayFoe won't make a ruling in a SNAD claim. Plus, any money the buyer were to recover would come from whatever PayFoe could collect from you. Make sure your PF account balance is at zero. If she paid with a cc, she could dispute the charge; however, she most likely would have to return the item to you, which brings up the possiblity of a switch & bait, whether or not to accept the package, etc. BUT, we're not there yet. First things first.
  13. I thought she did this on ebay with positive feedback.
  14. OP stated: She did not go through eBay check out either, she paid me from another paypal account (still hers) manually

    That looks off-fBay to me.

    OP: Why didn't she go through fBay check out? Why pay with another PayFoe account?
  15. Update ?