Buyer isn't paying for an item and now won't respond to emails

  1. I sold a NEW shirt on eBay, (it was a gift from my boss), for only $28, reminiscent of the designer Custo Barcelona that I mention with the ol' '*%&' in place of certain letters.
    I started getting a million questions as to whether this is Custo or not. So, because I already had bids, I could not remove this part of my listing, I could only add to it. I added to my listing 6 days before it ended in huge letters "OK PEOPLE, I am getting tons of questions about whether or not this is CUSTO; it is NOT. I only used the reference because it reminds me of Custo with the varying patterns. the designer is Profile. I do not want there to be any misunderstandings." So the top sells, no problems, right?
    I get an email from the buyer today, who has over 1100+ feedback, saying "FYI you obviously don't know, eBay can remove your auction for misrepresenting an item using the word Custo when it is not."
    Not sure what to do here. I have asked her if she wants me to present the next bidder with a second chance offer, if she was not planning on purchasing it, but I have had no response.
    Anyone have a suggestion with this kind of buyer? I realize now that I should never have made the designer reference, but I added a specific message to the listing when I started getting all these emails about the designer. I think it is pretty clear. I do not want to mess up my 100% feedback over a stupid $28 shirt. I do, on the other hand, think my description is very clear and accurate. Here is the listing: Advice?
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  2. ok but you should have canceled the bids and relisted without using custo in the title. using it in the title is considered keyword spamming and you could have your auction pulled, even after the fact. i would honestly send her a very nice email explaining that you didn't know you couldn't use that in the title and that you tried to make it clear by adding info that it was not a custo top but as your auctions did have bids at that point you could not change what you had originally put down. ask her if she still wants the top otherwise you can file a mutually agree to cancel. if you still get no repsonse i would just file and see what happens. she can still neg you which stinks but i assume you didn't know when you listed it.

    while it is clear once you added the info it doesn't change the fact that you did misrepresent the item in the title and your single picture does not show the tag very well. in the future i would take more pictures, especially of the tag so that there is no confusion.

    hope this helps. good luck!
  3. Yeah, I know, it stinks and I feel like an idiot. I did not know this is spamming; I do now! I guess I have seen it done so many times before when I buy things, when a name is used as a reference, but never again!
    In the email I sent her initially, I said that I realized after the listing and the first bids that was the wrong thing to do, and if she does not want the item, I completely understand and that I made the mistake, etc. I asked if she wanted me to do a second chance offer to the next bidder.
    I really don't want anyone mad. I genuinely was just trying to make a reference. Stupid, I now know....
    I will wait and see what she says.
  4. OK, UPDATE:
    I just checked my email, and the buyer had sent one a little bit ago.

    She was very nice and said I misunderstood her first email. She was sorry that it was short and blunt, but she was running out the door and wanted to send me a note regarding this issue. She said that she knew it was not Custo, but she what she meant by her email is that I should know this for future reference so I don't get into trouble with eBay. She said she loves the top and definitely wants it, and has since paid, but that I need to know this or else I can get my listings pulled and get negative feedback.

    Well, this was a lesson learned. Definitely a lesson for me, and hopefully for anyone else who does not know this. I guess I am just an idiot, but I see this so much on eBay. For example, I saw a quilted MJ bag on eBay yesterday that has "Chanel" in the title. When you go to the description, it goes on to say " classic quilted Chanel...". Anyway, I take full responsibility and I am glad this worked out. I suppose it could have been a mess over something so stupid that I did.
    Thanks hlfinn, for your input. It has been taken to heart!
  5. Glad you worked it out!!