Buyer is worrying me..Am I FREAKING me out?

  1. A buyer from Canada won a bag I was selling. She was having trouble paying me, but after about a week, she found a family member to help her out. At her request, she asked me to not list the value of the bag so she can avoid duties. I wanted to help her out, because of the cash issue and because she told me how much she was excited about the bag, I obliged. She emailed me 2 days ago asking me to send her the receipt. She said it's for if she had to take the bag in to get it fixed. Because of the difficulty she had trying to pay me in the first place, and because she already asked me to thwart the value of the bag when I shipped it, I am wary of this request. Also, I have other purchases on the receipt. I was willing to provide a copy with my credit card, and other personal information blacked out. She has been insisting on the original receipt. I am worried that she will try to use my receipt to get a refund on the bag or worse. Not too mention I have other items I purchased on that receipt. Am I wrong to question the intentions? Should I send the receipt?
  2. Do not send your receipt, you are not obliged to if you did not advertise that bag would come with receipt. She could resell the bag & advertise your receipt on eBay then the store could pick up that you were reselling & ban you from buying. I know someone that this happened to. She purchased the bag according to the terms on your auction & is entitled to pay you for that!
  3. Furthermore i see that you say she got a friend to help her out please only ship to the CONFIRMED
    address on the paypal account that paid you
  4. Thank you BagAngel. I really appreciate your advice. I will not do this again. I've been stressing out about this situation even before I got paid.
  5. How long has it been since you shipped? Do you have any way of knowing if she received the bag?

    I wouldn't send my receipt, especially if there were other purchases on it. Do we really need the receipt if we take a bag in for repair? I didn't think so.

    just dont' do it.
  7. always go with your gut.
  8. You don't need a receipt if you are sending a bag for repair if the bag is authentic. If anything, the person will get charged a small fee if they need it repaired w/o receipt. I have brought bags into , LV, Prada, etc, for repairs and even though I didn't have a receipt, they repaired the items.

    Tell the buyer you can't send the receipt because there are other items on it and you will need it if/when you need the other items repaired. Send them a copy with all your personal info blacked out.
  9. Thanks for all the advice. I am feeling better about my decision to not send the receipt. My bag was authentic and brand new. I checked it thoroughly for any defects and there were none. I worry that she will leave negative feedback because I didn't send the receipt, but, she didn't ask for it when she purchased the bag. It wasn't until after I shipped it, and she could track it, did she make that request. I just had a gut feeling about this, and it wasn't good.
  10. I agree, don't send the receipt, and also some words of advice, don't mess with customs forms just to save your buyer money, it could come back on you since it's a federal form! I'm not sure how you got it sent through the post office without declaring a value on it... bet the no value on it makes it more likely to be stopped at customs, then they'll guess their own value and probably over estimate...
  11. :yes: ITA
  12. Interesting...buyer quit emailing me after I posted for suggestions from you guys. I wonder if she's a PF member??? :confused1: I hope not. She did say she wanted to show off the bag to her friends and family when she visited London this week. Maybe that's why I haven't heard from her. Who knows. In any case, I hope that was the last of this situation.
  13. dont send the reciept!!