Buyer is trying to pull a switch on me HELP.

  1. sorry sort of long, but I really need everyones help.

    I recently sold an Authentic Chanel cambon white tote on eBay. I only used the bag once (further stated this the auction), took detailed pictures and also sent the winning buyer, the original Chanel receipt, authenticity card, chanel dust bag and original Chanel box. Buyer received the bag and left me positive feedback, stating she loved the bag and that it was authentic.

    Now two weeks later the buyer opened a dispute with paypal stating she received a fake Chanel bag and would like her money back!!!! Now I have negative balance with paypal. What can I do? I am so upset and can't believe this is happening to me. I responded to the paypal resolution center, now they said I have to wait for the buyer to respond again and that she has 20 days to escalate to a claim.

    I purchased this bag myself, its 100% authentic as with my other 30 or so designer bags I own (mostly LV)

    [FONT=&quot]Please any advise on how I can proceed?:cursing:[/FONT]
  2. Wow, the nerve of some people. I have no advice to give... You are pretty much at the mercy of PayPal. I hope that the buyer will do the right thing and cancel the dispute. Good luck
  3. Its just so annoying, I don't understand how people can pull scams. I really wish I did not send her the original receipt, cause now I only have a copy to provide paypal.
  4. oh yess..the original receipt thing...but then again, how would you have known that this was going to happen...sigh* I feel bad for you.
  5. have you considered having her return it and tell her there is a some mark hidden to make sure for your own security that it is the original bag incase of a return?
  6. Hi, I was thinking about that. My only concern is, if this person is so willing to lie, then what if she sends me back a totally different bag? Paypal said, if I accept a return, then all the seller would have to do is provide a tracking number showing a package was delivered to me. That means she could mail anything back to me as long as a tracking is provided. I am just so confused and don't know what to do.
  7. I heard many sellers nowadays put id tags with serial numbers before they sent their pricy bags to avoid exchange or return after being used. Sellers also took pictures prior their shipping to prove the bags' original condition.

    Couldn't you show PayPal the positive feedback the buyer left so to prove this is purly a buyer remorse?

    I really hope this will be a peaceful ending.
  8. Did you post to a confirmed address? If so then you have a chance with Paypal if not you have little chance of winning sorry
  9. yes mailed to a confirmed address. If I ever decide to sell on eBay again, I will for sure place some sort of security tag.

    I did provide paypal with my eBay ID so they can take a look for themselves the feedback the seller left me. Paypal stated they will investigate both sides.
  10. I hope everything gets resolved in your favor soon. Please keep us posted.
  11. Well you are covered by Paypal protection then, send them a copy of the receipt to prove that the bag is authentic, good luck!
  12. And although you have a copy of the receipt, you probably also have correspondence about the sale - does that include reference to your generous decision to include the original documentation?

    Got everything crossed here that it works out for you.
  13. NEVER give buyers the original receipt! And if you send a copy of it, white out EVERYTHING except the item info. PayPal wont require an original receipt, just a copy. Let PP know that she left you positive feedback. Thwy will also require her to get it authenticated within a certain timeframe, that will be almost impossible because no one authenticates anymore, not even Chanel and if they did, they wont put it in writing. THAT may be what saves you in this. If she doesnt provide it, they will not side with her. Good luck sweetie!
  14. ^^^^^
    I agree I never ever give my receipts to buyers mainly because if they resell & your receipt appears on ebay the stores will identify that you are selling on ebay & could ban you from buying, they don't like resellers particularly Chanel
  15. Thank you for the tips about receipts. If I had receipts, I always sent it to the buyer with the bag. I think I have being lucky and will stop doing that from now on.