buyer is having bag authenticated-wants me to cancel her bids

  1. I'm selling my Fendi Spy on eBay, and the gal with the highest bid so far wants to get the bag authenticated and has asked me to cancel her bid. What is this and should I cancel?
  2. She sounds like a bad buyer. I would go ahead and cancel the bid. Sounds like she already has doubts and if she wins, she'll be an even bigger headache in the future. Deifnitely not worth it.
  3. You can easily cancel her bid or she herself could simply retract it.
  4. cancel it and avoid the hassle!
  5. I agree...she is already raising red flags and the auction isn't even over yet! Cancel her and be done with it.
  6. Agree w above, cancel her bid & block her. Potential to be a scamming. If she feel bored or need money, she'll file claim as not auth or even switch your auth bag to get her $$$ back & bag
  7. tell her to retract her own bid! he can do that
  8. you should tell her to retract her own bid and THEN you should block her. sellers are only supposed to cancel bids for a limited number of reasons (just as buyers). but better for her to be responsible than you! i think too many cancelled/retracted bids send up red flags for eBay.
  9. ^^agreed. Maybe she doesn't know she can retract it. But I would block her.
  10. Yes you dont want a difficult buyer. However how does cancelling her bids affect your item's price? I hate it when buyers cancel their bids in the last minute and you end up with a low end price. Is she the current high bidder?
  11. Cancel the bid and block her. She's not going to be satisfied no matter what you do so make sure she doesn't become a future headache.
  12. i agree with everyone else. either ask her to retract her bid or cancel it
  13. i would also follow everyone's advice here. as long as there are other bids you will sell the bag, so that's good news.

    i don't understand these buyers! it's simple: not sure? don't bid. ugh..
  14. Of course, if she's local, I would let her do a cash only face to face deal.
  15. She is. The current bid dropped from $102.50 to $44:cursing: