buyer is claiming fake, I'm it safe to send receipt

  1. he's claiming he took it to the Coach store and they said its fake, there's no way and I told him that. I have my packing slip from JAX (coach's distribution warehouse), and I think I have the original receipt (I ordered it by phone from a Coach store, they sent me one item directly from the store with a receipt, and I think this item is on it as well). Is it safe to send this guy these receipts if I use a sharpie to blaken out my name/etc?

    I'm not taking a refund on this item, I told him he can get me a letter from Coach on company letterhead telling me its fake (I know Coach won't do these letters).

    What would you do? I'm nervous about sending the receipt bc what if I need it down the road for something?
  2. Can you send a copy of the receipt? With all the appropriate areas blackened out?
  3. well, he's wanting to exchange it for a different one (it's a current Coach item), so I'm thinking if I just sent him the packing slip that would allow him to exchange. I really would rather keep the receipt.

    What do you gals think?
    Thanks for the quick response gracie!
  4. Hi - something doesnt sound quite right here - why would they let him exchange it if it is fake! I cant quite see the logic in this.
    However, I would also send him a copy of the receipt with all your personal details blacked out along and with the packing slip. He has probably had a change of mind on purchasing the bag. Please keep all the original documentation in case he tries to take this further.

  5. I told him to take the packing slip into the store with the wallet and exhange it (he doesn't like how the stripes dont match up, even though it was clearly like that in the photos) (the dang thing has the tags, it's definitely authentic, I bought it straight from coach, I don't believe that he actually took it to the store)
  6. send a copy of the reciept.
  7. Yeah I'd only send a copy, you don't want to be out your original.
    He sounds like a scammer right away though, first claiming it to be fake, then wanting the receipt so he can exchange it? I assume he got somewhat of a deal on it, sounds to me like he wanted to get a deal then get the receipt so he had more credit for the store.
  8. that's the thing, he really didn't get a deal, he paid basically retail for it. I think he was just trying to get me to take it back, but when I told him I knew it wasn't fake and I gave him all the specific details about where I got it, he backed off, then he got really nice and just asked if he could have the packing slip so he could exchange it

    I think I will send him the packing slip (it does me no good) and a copy of the receipt with my name blacked out and I'll keep the original receipt.

    Is there anything else I should black out o nthe receipt? My cc number is xxxxx'd out with only the last 4 digits and the only other thing is my name
  9. Yes, don't send her your ori receipt coz if she take it then has bad intention, you won't have any proof on your hand, just send her copy or take pic of the receipt beside it, I can't trust such this buyer, thought she feel bored or what then trying to claim to get back her $$$ :push:
  10. In my experience Coach is not allowed to authenticate items. He is saying that a rep from coach said that it wasn't authenticate?

    Sounds like buyers remorse to me, and now he wants something else. :tdown:
  11. It definately sounds like buyers remorse.

    Under no circumstances send the originals of receipt or anything. Just send copies.

    How cheeky though - to claim that it is fake and try to get a refund then say that you want to take it to Coach to exchange it!!! Did they not look at the auction? Did they not know what bag they were buying? If they want to try things out and exchange them if they don't like them then they should go to a store not buy on eBay!!
  12. yeap buyers remorse.

  13. What a dumbass. So he claims it is Coach told him it is fake, however, he said he wants to exchange it? LMAO!!!

    Make sure you black it out really well. Sometimes when you black it out and even copy that, the numbers still go thru. I would use white out....or scan it in and edit it that way.

  14. I wouldn't send anything. What does a receipt mean anyway? There is now software that can fake a receipt from any store, it means nothing. The wallet is real, he saw the pics. If he is having buyers remorse let him resell it.
  15. I'm going to send the packing slip, it does me absolutely no good anyway, the actual receipt is what I need. I will just get a sharpie and super super super black out my name, etc. and then he can shove it.

    I'm taking an eBay break for a while, I'm so annoyed lately with these crazy people