Buyer Is Claiming Bag Is Fake But IT IS NOT! HELP :(

  1. Hey everyone...I am so upset about this one! I sold an authentic Balenciaga on eBay. In my listing I do state that ALL SALES ARE FINAL because the items are all authentic. I have great feedback proving it.

    So 2 days after the listing ended the buyer wrote me and said she just realized she had a similar style in the same color so she wanted to know if I could switch it for a different color.
    There was a price difference so I told her that if she'd like the other color that is okay if she pays the difference.
    She paid that and I sent the bag to her.

    Now she sent me an e-mail telling me the bag is fake two weeks later!
    There is no way the bag is fake!!
    In her e-mail she told me she is sending the bag back, the tracking number will be sent to me soon, and expects a full refund.

    I say all sales are final so what do I do if she just sends it back without me agreeing to the refund? Don't I have to accept the return or can she just send it back like that?

    I tell buyers I will only accept a return if the bag is proven to be non authentic because that is my guarantee (this would not happen because I have nothing that is fake).

    So I really should not have to take the bag back without her having it looked at and having written proof of the authenticity. That is exactly what PayPal would want also I believe, right? I am worried she will also do a charge back now.
    Another question is will PayPal even get involved since the original bag she paid for through PayPal is not the bag that is being disputed? Will her claim hold any merit in this case?

    I am getting sick of eBay because of this. People don't know the difference between real and fake so they automatically assume it is fake!

    If she does send the bag back and I had in my listing that sales are final, what happens in that case?

    Any help or advice would be so so appreciated! :sad:

  2. I sold a Marc Jacobs Buckle Turnlock bag some time back and the buyer received the bag and after a week contacted me saying she didn't want the bag-said something about the buckles and then she said she didn't feel it was authentic and did not want it any longer. It was 100% authentic as all photos in the listing indicated along with the tags that were attached when she received it. I indicated that I would have accepted the return but she had removed all the tags and the listing did indicate all sales final. She filed a claim with Paypal-I was not confident that I would get the same bag back - or get it back in un used condition...When it appeared that she was not going to be successful with Paypal, she filed a chargeback-AND somehow WON. I am now out the $$ and the bag. She has never returned it. I will NEVER sell to anyone with 0 feedback again. EVER. Sorry about your situation-just don't want you to count on eBay or Paypal for any help---- I am going to make one more run on listings in a few weeks and then it is going to be so long Ebay/Paypal. They offer nothing for sellers... Sorry to rant-just don't want you to rely on them for any help...You won't get it.
  3. Do not, I repeat, do not give into her. If you do it is the equivalent of saying your bag is fake. Stand firmly behind your product and if she threatens negative then remind her you will neg her right back. I have had this situation happen to me a few times and as I, like you, only sell authentic items I told the difficult buyer that I absolutely would not refund her a cent and to feel free to take the bag to the store/designer or to have it authenticated via my poupette. Guess what? She went away...buyers will try to get away with things if you let them and then they hang the dreaded "negative" over your head. I always tell these types of buyers to "Bring it on"...I have nothing to hide and that good clients will see right through a bogus negative. Oh, while you are at it, block her immediately from bidding on any of your auctions in the future. Not worth getting tangled up with a buyer like that in the future. Good luck, stay strong.
  4. I think Kalodie1 said it all! If you know it's authentic, you have nothing to fear. The buyer will probably have to pay for an authentication from my poupette or carol diva. Once she realizes this, she might back off. Oh, and if you haven't already done so, withdraw the money out of your PayPal account, they can't take what isn't there!!! Good luck.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I will have to take out my money from PayPal...The only problem is I sell other items so when someone pays me it will take all of that!
    I hope she doesn't do a charge back. She wrote me back and said she is going to look over the bag more but her big concern is the dust bag, she says the print is not as thick as one she bought at a department store.

    Balenciaga dust bags are not exactly anything special. I have seen many, some are pressed a little thicker. I just can't believe that is what she is questioning.
    I guess I should tell her that if the dust bag bothers her that much I will get another one and she can send that one back...But she is asking for me to prove it is authentic and I buy wholesale so I really don't know how else to prove it without revealing my source, which isn't really fair considering she will then be able to buy wholesale as well!
    I am going to tell her to have it authenticated by My Poupette though...Hopefully that will suffice.
  6. If it's authentic, then you have nothing to worry about. Let her file a claim, she will have to get it authenticated.
  7. All ebayers have to UNITE :drinkup::drinks: otherwise the buyers are going to get spoiled. We should let this type of buyer return a bag on a whim. Almost all claims to authenticity are a lame excuse to return a bag. What return policy you employ is a different story, personally I accept returns with a restocking fee. However, any claims about authenticity are rejected and they can bring it somewhere to have it authenticated for their own satisfaction.

    I had a customer from a YSL boutique tell her one of my YSL Muse bags was poor quality and the dust bag was different. I wish I know where she worked because I would call her manager that she was slamming a YSL bag while working for YSL just to convince the person to return mine, and buy from her. Talk about desperate for a commission.

    I hope this works out for you! I HATE how chargebacks are handled by paypal.

  8. I though designer wholesale wasnt available.
    Maybe if you post pictures here, they would help you to authenticate your bags and you will have even more proof you know. Sorry this happened to you.
    I dont wanna sound noosy but did you get the Bbags from the same lady you got the Gucci ones you were having problems with the other day?
  9. I don't think paypal has any control over a credit card's final decision in a chargeback. Once a buyer files chargeback, your chances of winning it is like 1%.
  10. She may send you back a real FAKE bag!!! and do a charge back as well!!!

    Be very careful!
  11. 'But she is asking for me to prove it is authentic and I buy wholesale so I really don't know how else to prove it without revealing my source, which isn't really fair considering she will then be able to buy wholesale as well! '
    I don't believe these designers wholesale to ANYone. Whoever YOU bought it from is probably the counterfeit seller and the bag could very well be fake.
  12. These designers do sell wholesale- but there are alot of fake wholesale sites too!!
    In order to sell a certain brands goods, you have to meet a certain criteria. Alot request you have a boutique rather than online, your business history is looked at. How many years you have traded for, what other brands you sell, not all brands like to be put together. Are you within a certain radius of another shop- these designers want there bags to be exclusive!
    The amount of times I have heard- but i buy form a source in Italy!!!!!
    Did a rep from that company visit you, did you visit them etc,etc. If it was some contact you came across and phoned up for stock and they sent it out- 99% Fake!!!!
  13. As I understand this, the bag she is claiming is fake is not the bag that was listed on EBay. This transaction was done "off" Ebay, correct? Then the fact that your listing states no refunds has no bearing on this sale. Also, your no refunds policy is easily circumvented by a non-authentic claim, as you have seen. And Paypal can get involved if she paid by paypal, even if Ebay wasn't involved.
  14. Designer wholesale is available, but it's done mainly from buyers in Italy. It's like a middle man type thing.
    This bag was not purchased by that other person you're referring to, I am still fighting that right now too.
    I am glad I only bought two bags from that person though, or I would have been kicking myself even more.
  15. I think a lot of retailers are very bad at authenticating. I have taken a bag that was purchased from THAT STORE and told them it was bought online...They told me it looked fake. I couldn't believe it.
    Anyways...This buyer told me the reason she thinks it's fake is the dustbag looks of poor quality. I really don't know what she's talking about, Balenciaga dust bags are nothing special and I didn't think it looked like anything was wrong with it. She then said she didn't even look over the bag but she will. So we'll see what she says next...