Buyer having trouble bidding on my auction?!

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  1. A bidder contacted me today saying that she wanted to purchase one of my bags using the Buy it Now option I had listed but that she kept getting this message:

    " Seller has not provided shipping information. Check the item description or request total from the seller. "

    She went on to explain that she had an APO address and was stationed in England. I had put several buyer restrictions on my listings (no bidder with feedback lower than -1, no bidder outside US. etc.) So, I did a little research and found that I could allow a specific bidder to "override" whatever bidding limitations I had put on my auctions. I added her user ID and let her know. She just told me that it still isn't letting her complete the sale. There are 3 bids on the auction right now, but my reserve hasn't been met so the Buy it Now option is still active. Any wisdom???
  2. Take off the bans so she can bid and put them back up when done. Maybe she has negitive feedback or something. Try looking up her ID.
  3. I think I found your listings...just looked at one. If these are your listings...UPS Ground doesn't ship to APO/FPO. I would try to add USPS Priority to your listing and see if that works for your buyer. I would also suggest adding insurance. Don't ship parcel post, it will take forever. Also, the PO has a flat rate military box for a discount. (I think it's the same size as a large flat rate box. If the bag fits comfortably, if not, use regular Priority. And pack it extra carefully. If changing your shipping doesn't work, I suggest posting in the Bay Answer Center, Shipping. You'll get some good answers fairly quickly from people more experienced than I am.
  4. Thanks so much for your help! I'm astonished that UPS doesn't do APOs...
  5. APOs can be a pita depending on where it is going. Insurance may not be available, etc. Make sure your buyer is 100% trsustowrthy and knows it can take forever for the item to get there.

    Some items need customs forms too (they don't pay they just need the form if I remember right).
  6. I learnt my lesson after sending a package to an APO address....shipped an item in April 09 and the package hasn't been received by the buyer. Tracking info shows that the package is still in transit and the buyer filed INR and was refunded.

    Since then, i never ship to APO addresses.
  7. Here's a link that might help:

    Shipping to APO/FPO is considered shipping to USA. Ship Priority Mail with Insurance and Delivery Confirmation. Your delivery conf. is basically only confirming delivery to the military PO, not necessarily the final destination. (I was told this by my PO). A customs form is required if the dollar value is over $35-$50 (can't remember the actual figure). Insurance IS available and I wouldn't ship APO without it. I generally double package mine. Inside is plastic and bubble wrapped and taped securely with a packing slip securely attached, in case something happens to outside box. It is a bit of a pain, but just a little extra packing material, a trip to the PO and a few minutes to fill out a form. The last one I sent from NJ to somewhere in the Pacific took a week. I've heard stories of parcel post taking as long as 2 months. You can print out your postage from bay or paypal like any other mailing. Just take it to the PO, (find a nice helpful clerk) have them scan it, check it, and give you a receipt (sometimes they don't if you don't ask). The PO I use helped me fill out the form, attach it, etc.
  8. My buyer told me that she is stationed in England, so hopefully it won't take forever for the package to reach her. I ended up sending it Priority Mail via USPS. They wouldn't do delivery confirmation for me, but I did fully insure it for the Buy it Now price and packaged the purse to withstand a nuclear war. I told the mailman that I needed a signature confirmation, so I was allowed to purchase a proof of delivery card that will be sent back to me once the package is delivered. I'm hoping and praying that everything will turn out A-OK.
  9. Hi Mathqueen, I was wondering how it was going. I'm amazed that one PO says one thing, and at another PO it's entirely different. Is there a tracking number with the card thing? I would email your buyer, and ask if they would email back when it arrives.
  10. I'm still waiting. My mailing run was last Thursday, so it hasn't been a full week yet. The signature card doesn't have any sort of tracking; it will just be a post card with her address, my address, the package description, and her signature. I have the tracking number from the insurance, but since it is now in the hands of the military, no actual tracking is available. The buyer assures me that she'll let me know when it reaches her.