Buyer hasn't returned Item, what to do?

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  1. I sold a fairly inexpensive item on Ebay and shipped it internationally. The buyer contacted me and said she wasn't happy with it, and wanted her money back. It was only $100, and wasn't worth negative feedback, bad star ratings, and Ebay/Paypal's generally punitive attitude towards sellers to fight about it, so I did an immediate refund. If it had been a more expensive item, certainly I would have waited for the buyer to return it before I refunded, but in a show of good faith I issued the refund to this buyer before she returned the item.

    Needless to say (you guys see what's coming, don't you?)... she hasn't returned the item and hasn't responded to my email that simply asked her if she had mailed it back yet. Maybe I'll get it back one day, but I just wonder if there is any recourse if you issue a buyer a refund and they don't return the item? Probably not!
  2. Unfortunately, you probably should not refund until return is in hand.
    I would certainly be contacting ebay about this and forwarding them the buyer's emails/messages about the refund/return.
  3. regardless of the amount, why refund first?

    it could just be delayed shipping, but somehow I doubt it
  4. I buy and sell a lot on *bay... and I find that while shipping to me in Spain from the US is quite affordable.... return shipping is oftentimes not. What cost me $10 to have shipped to Spain could cost me 25€ to send back ($32 at today's exchange rate) so a lot of the time it's not worth it to me to ship the item back. Depending on the item, most of the time I just eat it and call it a lesson learned.

    Perhaps it's simply too expensive for your buyer to send it back and they are embarrassed to say that?
  5. So sorry, my friend. You already know this, but, yeah, never refund until you get the item back. I hope she sends it back to you.
  6. I don't know... I wanted to show the buyer that I honor my guarantees, also as a sign of good faith. She probably shipped it back, but it's coming from Europe, so she may have chosen air mail or something that will take a month! I would normally never give a refund first, but I've had rash of auctions lately that have turned out to be huge hassles! I think the problem is I tried regular auctions instead of doing the usual BIN with best offer because the regular auction was cheaper on the final value fees. Next time I'm going back to BIN with best offer. ;)
  7. she could take the shipping fee out of the 100 bucks he got back
  8. :wtf: I sure do hope you get it back.
  9. If you explain to Paypal you should dispute the refund and reverse the payment
  10. PayPal always tells the seller not to refund until item is inhand. I do not think there is anything you can do at this point except cross your fingers and hope its sitting on a boat coming back (snail service)