Buyer has unconfirmed address, won't answer emails, what now?

  1. I sold a pair of TB revas at the end of January. I was selling them to make room in my closet from too many shoes. The buyer paid by Paypal really quickly after the auction ended; I thought it was a smooth transaction until I noticed on Paypal that the shipping address was:

    1. unconfirmed
    2. didn't have her name (the name attached was a male's, and wasn't related to her by last name)

    I didn't want to ship the item and have this person claim it was sent to the wrong address, so I contacted her through eBay to get a confirmed mailing address. No reply. After a few more days, I contacted her again. No reply. Then I looked up her contact info on eBay, and noticed that the town listed in her eBay profile is different from the one in the unconfirmed shipping address. I tried calling the phone number for her, but it was a disconnected number.

    So I've contacted eBay to ask her to update her information. She hasn't responded to eBay's request. I tried the Paypal email address she sent her payment through, and the email bounced back to me as invalid. I contacted Paypal a week ago about help asking them to contact her, but Paypal hasn't replied to me either!

    I just want to get rid of the damn shoes, especially since she has paid for them and the money has cleared to my bank account. Should I continue waiting for her to email me with a confirmed address (the auction ended Jan. 26!), or should I just mail the shoes to the unconfirmed shipping address?

  2. Has she had any other bidding or buying activity on the site since winning and paying? It could be she doesn't check her e-mails very often
  3. Sounds fishy - it could be a hijacked account. I'd play it safe and refund the $$ and state that you don't send to unconfirmed addresses, since you couldn't reach her at any addresses or phone numbers on file with Ebay. I've started to note that I only sell to confirmed addresses via Paypal on my Ebay listings. Good luck to you on this!