Buyer Has Unconfirmed Address...It Was a Requirement!!

  1. The buyer used Buy It Now and they have 0 feedback and an unconfirmed address. I specifically stated buyer must have a confirmed address and if they have zero feedback contact me before bidding. This buyer did not follow the rules of the auction. What is the next step. I will not ship to an unconfirmed address. Can I cancel the transaction and refund the money? Am I at risk for neg. feedback? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. This happened to me many times too. Just email the buyer and tell them to that they need to confirm their address with paypal. Hopefully, they haven't paid yet. If they did, you will have to reverse the funds back to them. Wait until they confirm with PP and have them send the payment again. It's kind of stupid that you have to reverse the funds but otherwise it will show "unconfirm" and PP will not protect you. hope this helps.
  3. Thank you for the info. First time for me. I see on eBay that I can report a buyer for bidding on auctions they do not meet criteria for. Will this protect me from neg feedback if it goes south or is it a little extreme? This buyer has had an eBay account for a few years with no purchases.
  4. You can actually set your Paypal account to automatically reject unconfirmed addresses, as well as non-US Paypal addresses. When you are on your My Account page, click on Profile, then Buyer Requirements (or perhaps it is Payment Preferences).
  5. I have the buyer requirements set to accept only buyers with paypal accounts but there is no option to block buyers with unconfirmed addresses.

  6. It was an instant payment with Buy It Now. I already refunded the money(thank you). If the buyer cannot confirm or does not contact me what is next? How do I recoupe or contest the listing fees from the auction gone awry due to the buyers ineligibility as outlined in the auction terms?
  7. Unfortunately, eBay won't do anything to protect you from negative feedback from buyers who bid but don't meet your terms. I had an auction a while back where I stated in the auction text that I shipped to the US only, my shipping information was set to US only, AND I'd set my preferences to block bidders from other countries. Even with all that, someone from Canada somehow ended up winning! I called eBay to ask what would happen if I canceled the bid, if I could still get a negative, and they said yes.

  8. Perhaps you meant your eBay account, but you have to set it as a requirement through your Paypal account:

    My Account--->Profile--->Selling Preferences--->Payment Receiving Preferences

    There you will be able to block unconfirmed addresses. It is the first option listed. I had to do this recently, as there were too many people who could not or would not be bothered to read my buyer requirements. Hope that helps!
  9. Ahh...I get it it now. Sorry for the slow moment there! Thanks very much. You were a big help:smile:. Going to paypal right now....
  10. Wow, something is so wrong with that scenario:confused1: Thanks for the info.

  11. There are several options including filing an unpaid item dispute which will allow you both to mutually cancel the listing and allows you to recover your fees. If the buyer responds and fights you, however, then you could be stuck. If they don't respond or agree, you get your fees back.

    Call ebay to walk you through the options and how to do them. 800-717-EBAY (800-717-3229).
  12. File a non-paying bidder report. There is an option for "buyer requested shipment to an unconfirmed address". From there you wait a few days and you'll get the FVF back.

  13. Thaks for all of your help. I am going through a similar situation myself ... all over a guess purse that sold for $10. It was won by a non-US bidder with zero feedback who probably also has an unconfirmed paypal address. I stated in the auction that I only ship to the US. The 'winner' still has not paid for the item. So I am just waiting til the end of the week to file a non-paying bidder claim.
  14. Great thread and great advice. It''s all too easy to bid on something without reading all the details of the auction. Safeguards like the non-receipt from unconfirmed addresses helps loads.