Buyer has not picked item up from post office

  1. It has been 10 days since the tracking shows a card was left with my buyer to pick up her item at the post office. If she does not pick it up in 5 more days, it is going to be sent back to me and Canada Post is going to charge me the return shipping cost equal to the cost to send it out before they will give the package back to me.

    I imagine the buyer will contact me at some point asking for her money back. Does anyone know if PP will agree with me if I want to refund the buyer less the return to sender postage fees I am going to have to pay?
  2. I would contact the buyer first before the five days are up.
  3. Contact the buyer throught the eBay panel.
  4. That's not my question. The buyer is not responding.

    The question was about paypal.
  5. As soon as you receive the bag back, send the buyer a partial refund explaining why are you keeping a portion of the money. The refund should be sent thru the refund link tied directly to the transaction.

    Hopefully the buyer does not come back for the rest. It is possible though (just being realistic here with you) she can still file for the rest. But hopefully you have a reasonable buyer who is not going to do that.
  6. It does not sound like the buyer is reasonable. No contact, refusing to pick it up from the PO, this osunds like the ostrich-with-its-head-in-the-sand method of buyer's remorse
  7. Why not pull her contact info and call the buyer?
  8. How do you know that something in the persons life has happened, other than getting this package at the post office? There could be a number of reasons why this person has not responded or picked up the package, i.e., family emergency, or unexpected travel, etc.

    I seriously doubt that a person would pay for an item and then not pick it up, unless they had it authenticated after the fact and thought it was fake, which I am not saying is the case.

    Please continue to send reminders if possible. Hopefully the buyer will be able to get the package soon. Things will work out in the end I bet.
  9. This happened to me too, and I never heard from the buyer again, even after the item was sent back to me and I contacted the buyer. This was over 2 months ago already...very strange.
  10. Yep I've had this too....I wonder what happens to them
  11. If I were you and the package IS sent back I would refund her less ALL shipping since you held up your end of the bargain. You should not be out any money on this deal. I have to believe that if you have proof for eBay that all you did was make good on a transaction and that this person is at fault for not receiving her own package that they would agree and you should not be penalized for that. Do not refund any shipping charges (to her or charges from the package being returned) this is completely their doing. You did exactly what you were supposed to do. Let's just hope the buyer gets it together in time to pick up the package!
  12. I hadn't thought about the costs to ship it to her but you certainly do make a good point - there is no reason I should be out any $$ over this transaction.

    I understand that life happens and who knows why she has not picked the item up yet (hopefully nothing too serious), I just need to know what protection I have with PP.
  13. I don't think Paypal policies cover this particular situation per se. Upon receipt of the returned handbag, I would return her payment less any costs you have incurred and let her know that is what you have done. If she resurfaces and does not agree, she could initiate a dispute to get more money refunded but you will have a good case. I would keep copies of any correspondence you have attempted with her.
  14. This happened to me once as well. I sent that buyer so many emails and once or twice she responded "oh, yeah, I've been busy." Finally it was returned to me and I ever heard from her again, even though I tried to contact her.