Buyer from South Korea -- shipping issues

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  1. I have a buyer from South Korea who just bought a $500 purse from me. (She hasn't paid yet.) I've shipped to South Korea before with no issues, and I've always sent expensive items via USPS Express. What do you guys think of this email? My buyer says the bag will be seized by customs. Is she just telling me this so I charge her less money for shipping?

    Also, there is no way I will declare this bag was only $80. I already told her that. I did tell her I'd say it was used.

    Dear seller.
    I won your auction and so happy.
    Within 1~2 day,I'll pay money of it.
    Is it really perfect Brand New item without spot and scratches,scuff?
    It's so important to me.
    Please let me know.
    I have some request.
    In this time,please declare '$80 value-used purse' on customs form.
    It's so important to me.
    Please assist me.
    If you send me the parcel via express mail,your parcel will be seized by my customs.
    I wanna receive it via US post priority mail.
    US post priority mail is perfect shipping method and I ONLY used it by now.
    We can track the parcel via and Paypal absolutely trust its tracking number.
    If you send me the parcel via priority mail,all shipping risk will be FULLY my responsibility.
    I only wish its shipping cost is within $35.
    and I want you to use small box-AS SMALL AS POSSIBLE.
    I await your fast answer.
    thank you.
    have a wonderful day.
  2. You cannot get a scanned signature on the package unless you ship Express. Sounds like a true scammer to me.
  3. As much as I hate expensive international shipping fees, I do understand that especially for more expensive items, a seller needs to protect herself as well.

    I say go with your gut. If she won the auction and you had listed Express as the only shipping option, then she will just have to agree with it or back out of the transaction.

    I hope it all works out for you!
  4. 1. As Noshoepolish has mentioned, you cannot get signature confirmation with USPS Priority mail. Per Paypal rules, you MUST obtain signature on all items that cost more than $250 (shipped). This means, you MUST use Express mail or UPS / FedEx / etc.

    2. If you under-declare the value of the item, the item may or may not get seized by customs. If this happens, guess who will have to straighten out this mess? It will be you. Per Paypal rules, you are responsible for getting the item to the buyer. Are you up to dealing with the foreign customs from the US? Are you fluent in Korean?

    3. The probability of customs seizure is kind of small. However, the signature confirmation thingy is a big one. Paypal will process the INR claim on a $500 purse that was sent without signature confirmation regardless of any and all paperwork you'll present to them. Beware. If your buyer knows this rule then they may be trying to scam you.

  5. Considering buyer wants to determine shipping costs/rates and methods used, I'd say it's not their place because you as seller get to set those.
  6. When I told her no this is the response I got.

    Should I cancel or wait to file NPB?

    Dear seller.
    I'm so confused...
    Many ebay sellers(included power sellers) assisted me.
    If you put full value on customs form,your parcel will be seized by my customs and will be returned to you.
    I don't want it to be happened.
    My customs is so strict and It's out of my control.
    My country's customs duty is so heavy(40% of all).
    and To put low value is only formal behavior.
    Please assist me.
    I know I'm the only bidder of your auction.
    I wanna purchase it but...
    If you can't follow my request,please send me 'request to cancel transaction'.
    You can receive ebay final value fee.
    Please answer to me asap.
    thank you.
  7. Now she's threatening me with negative feedback:

    You treatened me first-'If you do not pay I will open up a non paying bidder complaint against you'
    You're good seller and I'm also serious buyer.
    I don't wanna dispute with you.
    I belive you understand my condition and send me 'request to cancel transation form'.
    But If you open ebay unpaid case,I'll pay the money and leave negative feedback to you(with bad sentence) and then open paypal claim.
    I'm not bad person but please understand me.
    For us,I wanna cancel this transation asap and I want you to relist it.
    thank you.
  8. Cancel
  9. I smell SCAMMER. DO NOT send it as she requested. She is nuts, and I have an idea that she knows full well what she is doing. I strongly advise you NOT to do what she asks. Hell to the no.
  10. Agreed - cancel, cancel, cancel.
  11. Cancel and forward her messages to ebay.
  12. Wow, this chick is a nutcase. 2 more emails:

    I was the only bidder of your auction and no other bidders.
    If you send me 'request to cancel transaction form', you can get ebay final value fee and relist it.
    If you understand me and are kind to me,I'll think you're good ebayer.
    But you told me you will open ebay complaint.
    Do you feel better now that you've said it?
    Do you wanna give unpaid strike?
    I think it's not good behavior.
    Please understand me again...
    thank you.

    Then this one less than 5 minutes later:

    I think you're so inflexible....
    Please be flexible.
    Because of this transaction,I don't really wanna dispute with you.
    Besides me, no one did bid your auction.
    If your auction had over 2~3 bidders,I would have understood your action.
    But nobody did bid your auction.
    Moreover, you can get your ebay final value fee via request to cancel transaction form thus you don't lose your money.
    I think you only wanna give me unpaid strike....
    I'm so frustrated and I can't understand you...
  13. Looks like your threat to report her as a non-paying bidder freaked her out. (Why did you tell her you would do that when it's you, not her, wanting to get out of the transaction?) I would just tell her that you want to cancel, not give her an unpaid strike.
  14. Wow... who's calling the shot's here. She should've inquired about this prior to bidding.

    I wonder how many other sellers she's tried to do this too.. what's her fb like?
  15. What a PITA!