Buyer from Singapore

  1. hi, has anyone had a buyer from Singapore? what forms of payment can they send other than paypal? I suggested a money order but they told me their country doesn't issue money orders in US dollars. is this right? any other suggestions?
  2. I just had a buyer from Singapore, she paid via paypal and the transaction worked out perfectly. However, when shipping internationally I use Express mail.
  3. I had a buyer from Singapore, too and it was one of the best and easiest transactions ever. She paid with Paypal and I shipped with DHL airmail express and she got the item within less than a week.
  4. I've also transacted with someone in singapore and it went smoothly as well. Make sure you send the item by registered mail with insurance.
  5. are there other methods to get payment other than through paypal? Paypal takes a transaction fee so I don't want to use that. Thanks.
  6. Unfortunately, it's either Paypal, Westeren Union (But we don't do WU because there isn't any form of security unlike Paypal) or Telegraphic Transfer.

    I've only paid via Paypal all this while, it's easier for us. :smile: HTH!
  7. can you explain how Western Union and telegraphic transfer work? Thanks!
  8. I believe the buyer can send you a money order in US$. I've done it once, but it was a couple of years ago. Tell your buyer to buy it from the Post Office, then she can immediately post it to you from there. But it'll take about 1 week to reach you.

    Compared with WU and TT, the money order is cheapest for the buyer. You can check out WU details from Western Union – Money Transfer – Quick Collect – Send Money Online - Telegram - Send Cash the fees are quite steep tho and as a buyer, I don't like to use WU.

    TT - call your bank and double-check what sort of info you need to provide your buyer so that she can TT you. There're TT fees too, which your buyer may not want to pay?

    As for Paypal, is yours a personal account? If buyer has ready Paypal funds, it's free for you.....this would be the best method for both of you.
  9. I've some buyers from Sin in another auction site than eBay. They always send me TT/Remittance Cash but I refuse to accept Western Union Money Transfer as the currency they use for receiver is soo unreasonable.
  10. Telegraphic Transfer is similair with Bank-Wire. they need your bank acc. #, bank name, your name, your addr. bank swift code/IBAN etc.

    Otherwise, if you decide to accept TT, make sure you'll cover their bank fees ( around SG$ 10-45 ) or they pay by theirself coz some my buyers charge their fees to their payment for me!!
  11. I have paid using paypal and TT before. I think Paypal is still more convenient and the security is there.
  12. i've had buyes and sellers from singapore.
    i've used western union or wire transfer. they can send money in US dollars.. the bank just have to calculate the currency of USD to S$ that day!
  13. just so i'm clear, so if they send money through western union wire, do i as the seller need to pay any fees to accept the money? for example, if the bag costs $100, can the buyer in singapore wire over $100 and when I go to pick up the money, i will get the full $100? thanks!
  14. paypal.
  15. If I remember correctly, your buyer will have an option on whether or not she wants to pay for all the admin fees. If she does, then you should receieve the full $100. Otherwise, if she doesn't bear your side of the admin fees, it will be deducted from your $100.

    That's what happened with me when I transfered some money to my best friend for Christmas in Dec. Hope this helps!