Buyer from Singapore: wants to ship to US

  1. Hi,
    I just sold an item on eBay, and the buyer wants me to ship to her sister's address in Washington state. The buyer resides in Singapore and will be paying via Paypal. Is there any way I can make this work and still protect myself? Should I ask her to send me a money order if she wants me to ship it to WA?
  2. I'd get a money order... Paypal and unconfirmed addresses aren't a good mix apparently.
  3. Money orders I would be so afraid to accept. The newest counterfiet..
  4. OK, so the buyer agrees I can ship to her in Singapore ... she paid via Paypal, and I looked at the transaction details. Turns out her address is UNconfiirmed. Now what?
  5. Is it true that people residing in countries outside UK and Canada cannot get Paypal confirmed addresses at this time?
  6. Don't send it to an unconfirmed address. Refund her and tell her you want a Western Union wire or no dice... its not worth the risk. Read all about the Paypal fraud in the Phillipines right now, it's rampant.
  7. Well... pray it's not a fruad then.
  8. if you reside outside the US and Canada you cannot get your paypal address confirmed (so annoying when you're an intl honest buyer)
  9. Hmm, I'm in Singapore too and it's true with what Olfa says, we don't get our addresses confirmed even though we're genuine and honest sellers. :sad:

    I've only tried buying from ebayers who ship Intl and allow me to pay by Paypal because I got duped once for paying by Wire Transfer... :'(

    Maybe you can check his/her address or get her sister in Washington to contact you instead??