Buyer from Korea, should I accept Paypal E-check?

  1. I have a winning bidder from Korea and I'm trying to figure out how to accept payment. I refused to let her pay with Paypal. I tried Google checkout, but discovered that S. Korea is not listed as an accepted country for payment. I've also offered her Bidpay but I was wondering if I should offer Paypal E-check? Has anyone had any experience with this? Do you think it's a good idea? I want to get the best protection as possible.
  2. Check her feedback first. If you think you can trust her, ask her to pay by bank wire or western union.
  3. I don't trust her feedback - it's private with only 9 feedback, 1 negative.

    What information would she need from me to send a WU or bank wire? Not my banking info, right?
  4. hm...i haven't had any bad experiences with buyers from korea, but then again, they actually had public feedback. may i ask why you didn't allow her to pay with Paypal?
  5. I would never allow a buyer with an unconfirmed address to pay with Paypal - unfortunately that means most international countries. A seller is only protected by Paypal if the buyer has a confirmed Paypal address.
  6. International addresses are never verified... but you can still be covered under paypal's protection. But you must ship with a method that can show delivery confirmation... not just that it was shipped. (I think thats how it works).
  7. I'd rather not risk using paypal with an unconfirmed address - PP states explicitly that the item must be sent to a confirmed address to be receive PP seller protection. I'm planning on sending EMS so there will definitely be a signature confirmation.
  8. Ask them to send you a WU transfer, so they don't need your banking details (just your name and address it think)

    Make sure u send the item via EMS Global express with tracking too
  9. go to and check out tools and then bidder 30 day history and key in her username it may reveal what some of her private feedback is for!
  10. thanks - but since she was the winning bidder, eBay automatically allowed me to see all of her feedback.

    I'll be sure to use goofbay when I still have time before the auction ends.

    Any more opinions on PP E-check?
  11. No, I would not take the e-check. I think the above is your best idea.