buyer from Germany... Should I take paypal?

  1. HI,

    I am currently selling some of my item on eBay and there is a buyer from germany very interested on the item. I checked her feedback, she has 14 positive feedback but they are all for item like under 100euro.

    Due to the privacy law, eBay not allow me to check her bid history at all. and I found a bit suspecious...

    Should I take paypal from this buyer? if not, rather than bank wire transfer, any other payment channel?

    many thanks !!
  2. Hmmmm, I just had a buyer from Germany... that refuses to pick up her parcel because they are charging her $75 in taxes:cursing:

    I don't believe you'll have seller protection if you accept Paypal.
  3. oh... did she pay you by paypal?

    I cant believe... she ' refused" to accept the parcel... sounds a bit unreasonable to me since they should knew that the tax might be involved...
  4. I wouldn't risk it.
    I'd go with an alternate way of payment :smile:
  5. My buyer paid via Paypal:sad: Not sure what's going to happen. I marked the return to sender box if found undeliverable. I'll hope for the best.
  6. Now, see. I'm very different.

    I just finished a transaction with my buyer from eBay (that's my thread a little farther down about shipping to an international seller if you want to know what they said) and she was from Germany.

    She messaged me before she bid, since I don't ship internationally (mostly from inexperience) and she paid instantly after the bidding was done with PayPal.

    I was incredibly hesitant to accept it, so I refunded it right away while I waited for some TPFers to give me some advice.

    If you are hesitant, you can go ahead and do a bank transfer. They're very safe, just like her sending an instant check to you, you just have to supply her with (I think) name, address, your bank's name, address, and then your checking #, a special routing number the bank uses for these kinds of transfers (I think someone posted that it wasn't the same routing number as on the checks) and then your bank's SWIFT code number.

    There's relatively few fees. My bank charges like $10 for an incoming international transfer, which is cheaper than the fees that PayPal assessed me. I think there are more fees on the buyer's end though, for the sending. I think my bank charges about $25.

    If you don't want to do that, I know that you can use Bidpay, which a lot of people like for international. It's similar to PayPal, but the buyer can't do a chargeback? I think, I don't really know, never used it.

    You could also wait for a money order as well, but you have to wait until you get it, and then wait the week or so for it to clear you bank before you send the purse out. So sometimes the delay is an issue.

    Depending on how you feel about your buyer (I know I messaged back and forth a ton of times with mine) you can discuss the best way to pay and how they feel about the different options.

    With my German buyer, she was great. And I went ahead and (maybe a little risky) accepted her payment through PayPal. I suppose it all comes down to gut feeling. What YOU think you should do.

    Best of luck! If you have any questions about my transaction, feel free to ask me!
  7. I just don't get how buyers refuse a parcel, they know full well they might be charged.... I am an international buyer (German but that is beside the point) and I would never refuse the parcel. actually, I don't think you should refund or anything like that. this is a legitimate sale and it is not your issue that she has to pay customs.

    as for paying by paypal - I responded quite a lot in the previous thread but I usually pay by paypal (have UK account though) and we have done bank transfer. when I bought a really expensive item (over $1000) I would use bank transfer as seller asked for that (safer). I would though make it clear that you are not responsible for customs and that she has to pay for it.