Buyer from Canada who doesn't have paypal


Apr 18, 2009
Surrey, UK
I don't know anything about Canadian customs but in general international customs is the responsibility of the buyer and NOT the seller, so I don't think you need to worry about that - just make sure you make that clear to the buyer.

I just wanted to chime in about the PP account. I'm sure there are other reasons why people don't have a PP account but personally I never had one because I just use my boyf's account.

However, on my first ebay transaction buying a Chanel bag, I had to set one up and I can tell you it ain't easy. Setting the thing up was one thing as you have to get it confirmed to a current account and current address - which takes something like 3 days to confirm. Then linking a cc to it is another drama and another 3 days wait. I'm not going to bore you with the story but there's another process which also needs days to approve. PP HQ was rubbish when I needed assistance.

Thankfully my seller was very understanding and communication is the key. We actually learnt a few things about each other whilst corresponding. In the end, my boyf had to pay for it via his PP account and I havn't touched my own PP account since.

So, just because the seller doesn't have a PP account, it doesn't mean you need to be suspicious straight away.

BUT, in this case, where the buyer has no feedback and they've not paid attention to your listing highlighting 'no international shipping and PP is required', I would pass. Sounds like they could be more hassle than it's worth.


What, me worry?
Dec 30, 2007
The Cool Cool North
Shipping from the US to Canada is pretty straightforward. However, because this is a new buyer and you are a bit uncomfortable with international transactions, I would pass on this one. If she had been a Canadian buyer with lots of positive FB and international purchasing experience, it might have been worth your while to give it shot. Maybe the next time.