Buyer Fraud with Chanel. I'm scared

  1. Don't mention refund, return or PayPal claims unless she does. Just reply to her emails that it is in fact authentic.
  2. I am new to this forum, and I had a similar experience on eBay. The bag was not a CHANEL, it was a beloved LV that I was sad to let go. The woman said it was a fake, but I had it authenticated by eBay sided with her and refused to remove the negative feedback, it was devastating, since I never would sell or place a fake for auction. Clearly, the woman knew little to nil about LV, but she got the refund, and I got a neg feedback. I hear that a lot on eBay, they believe more the "FAKE" or remorseful buyers that an honest seller.
  3. ^Try calling again until you get a ebay rep that will listen to have to

    be diligent as there are times that neg fb will be removed... you can also

    respond to the neg fb as well...

  4. Wait.....................are you saying that the buyer got a refund and didn't have to return your bag? :amazed:
  5. Omg that sounds terrible! I can understand how frustrated and paranoid you would be, as I would be feeling the exact same way if it were to happen to me.

    I think that if she wanted to get a refund based on her belief that it is counterfeit, then Paypal needs her to prove that it is in fact counterfeit - she can't simply say she thinks it's fact and then get a refund. However, that process might be long and messy. And who knows, maybe she'll bring a fake item to get authenticated.

    I totally understand that you want to get it over and done with, and to just accept the bag back and write it off as a bad experience.. especially since you say you already have another buyer interested. But I also agree with you that there's that possibility that the item she sends back to you is not the one that you originally sent to her.

    It's tough, because you don't know what she's really thinking. In my opinion, I think you should encourage her to get it authenticated, and make sure you keep whatever photos you have of the bag* in case you need to provide evidence of the condition and authenticity of the bag you sent her.

    On a side note, I don't believe Chanel serial number tags were ever sewn on.
  6. I wonder if the op got any resolution to this. We would love an update. Even if I only owned 10 Chanels I would know already know a fake one based from that. I don't believe it one bit that she owns a hundred.
  7. No, they were not. They are either stuck directly on the bag, or later, on a leather tap sewn into the bag. The serial numbers were always stickers.Sorry OP that you have to deal with such a misinformed buyer. Hopefully, she will send you back your bag. For all my high end bags, I send with a security lock that requires a code the buyer receives on delivery and acknowledges that removal of represents their commitment to purchase and hence no returns
  8. That's a good idea, however, I wonder how that would hold up in a dispute? I mean, how binding would that agreement be. Unless the buyer has signed something, I wonder if it would hold up under contracts law. And if not, it might still be able to be overruled by Paypal's terms and conditions?

    I definitely agree its a good idea though - it'll make scammers think twice.
  9. Is she talking about the leather tab with the serial number sticker stuck on inside the bag as opposed to just the sticker stuck on the bottom of the bag? (Pics included)

    Because if she is then she is extremely mis-informed and should know better if she is infact telling the truth and already owns a collection of Chanel bags...
    I am in no way a Chanel expert (i have owned a few bags myself, several new flaps and a vintage flap) and i could tell a fake from a genuine bag on that alone, it doesn't sound like she can...
    Also all of the Chanel bags that i have owned have been 'Made in France' so i don't know why she seems to think that they can only be made in Italy...
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  10. Not sure about the "legality" of it, but other sellers have used security tags that cannot be removed to be returned. My feeling was, if the buyer accepts the bag, they ask for combo, remove lock, and then it is theirs. They can ALWAYS return the bag before asking for combo, if they are not happy with the bag in any way. I think, if it is listed in description, and you make it clear to buyer that acceptance of combination is acceptance of bag, it should be ok. But, as we know, weird things happen!