Buyer first had confirmed address but now it's unconfirmed

  1. This is actually a continuation from my last thread. Just to recap really quickly - the buyer purchased my bag and paid w/ Paypal but then later the same day, the transaction was suddenly put on hold. Buyer said she will call Paypal and have it reconciled and told me she still wants to keep her promise and purchase the bag and to be patient. And i was. 2 weeks later, I saw on Paypal that there was a reversal on the payment and the money went back to the buyer. I sent her 3 emails asking her what's the status and to let me know if she still wants to buy the bag, but i heard nothing from her fo 2 weeks, so I pretty much thought she backed out, and I will have to try to recover my fees from eBay. SO, today she sents me a payment, however this time, the address now unconfirmed. The first time when she sent payment (and then was put on hold) was a confirmed address. These 2 addresses are the same, but why is it unconfirmed now? Should I find this suscipious? Should I ask her? What to do guys? Pls advise!
  2. From my experience.. if you've read my story is ask her to confirm her address.

    Otherwise if she does a reverse on you, you are not protected under Seller's Protection policy!!
  3. I called Paypal and they said the same thing. I sent her an email asking her to do so, so I'm waiting to hear back. Would there be a reason why she would refuse to confirm the address?
  4. There's several reasons
    1. she might be using a stolen credit card.
    2. her original paypal account must have issues, that's why she is applying for another account.

    Only ship your item to confirmed address!! Otherwise you might end up lose money and bag.

    If she doesn't pay.. you can also repost it and file with eBay "unpaid item" and get your relist money back^^

    Always protect yourself first!
  5. she probably had a bad CC, and changed it to a new one. All she has to do is confirm the new address. This happened to me and I had to refund the person, tell them to confirm their address, and resend payment.
  6. Should I refund her first then? Or should I just wait to see what she says since I've already sent her an email asking her to pls confirm her address.

    And let's say she doesn't want to and I would have to refund her, can I still get my eBay fees back b/c I actually already requested it when I didn't hear back from her the first time. This is actually why she paid now. I guess Ebay sent her a warning? I'm not even sure.
  7. oh great, I just found out by checking the buyer's feedbacks that she recently bought another Gucci vintage bag (I had sold her a Gucci vintage bag as well) and that seller left her a neg feedback that she had sent a bad payment and was suppose to send MO but never did and then called her a liar. i guess she's notorious for doing this. so now what? do i just give her money back and forget her for good? it has only been a day but i haven't heard back about the confirmed address thing.