Buyer File a Chargeback on you? You're SOL...

  1. That's right -- if a buyer files a chargeback on you at any point in time, Paypal offers zero seller protection - IE they will not force a buyer to send the item back.

    I received an email from a buyer of a $3200 item this morning. This person purchased this item on May 8th, two months ago, and has now decided they wish to return as they thought the item was "new" despite the listing clearly stating the item had been used five times. The buyer threatened me with a chargeback via Amex, so I immediately called Paypal who informed me that if a buyer chooses to file a chargeback at any point in time, they can and will deduct the money from your account but will not become involved as far as ensuring the buyer has returned the item. So essentially if a buyer files a chargeback and wins, they do not necessarily need to return the item to you.

    I'm not sure how many are truly aware of this loophole, but it really fits right in with the already terrifying seller climate these days. It is baffling that Paypal can deduct money from your account as they see fit, but not uphold any type of seller protection whatsoever. Be aware, sellers.
  2. OMG! That is just horrible!!! How does it take someone 2 months to figure out something is not "new." Of course it isn't new after you've worn/carried it for the past 2 months!?!?!?!?

    The nerve of some buyers! I'm not a seller but when I read stories like this in the eBay forum I really wish I could :bagslap: these buyers. Disgusts me!
  3. What can I say, PP are insane. Sorry this is happening to you. I am so numb that I cannot feel shocked anymore.
  4. It doesn't take two months. :rolleyes:

    What happened was the buyer clearly realized she couldn't hack $3k and is forcing a return. All I can hope is that the bag is in one piece when she returns it - hopefully.


    I agree. Paypal and eBay have become absolute wastelands - playgrounds for scammers. Ugh.
  5. I'm not surprised. I don't put anything past paypal or ebay anymore. I'm sorry jenay, what a load of crap.
  6. Oh no J'enay - I'm so sorry this is happening to you. You are probably one of the most honest sellers out there and make every effort to be 100% accurate in your descriptions and yet still get buyers pulling this crap. It sickens me that someone could have the purse for 2 months (and most likely use it for all that time) and then decide they want their money back! Obviously a bad case of buyer's remorse. Please post or PM me the buyer's ID so I can block them.
  7. Hopefully the bag will be in good condition so at least you will have the

    opportunity to relist & sell..not that it is a big comfort now

    What a piece of cr*p this buyer is... after 2 months.. just disgusting...

    This is where ebay/paypal have no backbone.. none whatsoever...
  8. I don't understand how charge cards rule the world in this situation. If a credit card wants to offer excellent customer service in the form of ALWAYS approving charge backs, they need to do so out of their own pockets instead of stealing that money from others.

    I'm sorry this happened to you :sad:
  9. While I don't want to give PP more credit than they deserve, this isn't true in all cases. I sold a $2000+ item and had the buyer file a chargeback maybe a week after they received it. This put my PayPal account into the red, but as soon as I called PP - the transaction had been fully eligible for seller protection - they righted my account and fought the CB. After the case had been closed, the buyer pushed the CB w/her CC, so the claim popped back up again on my PP page (without any $ deduction). I called PP and they said not to worry about it, as I was fully covered by seller protection.

    I don't know which way the CB went, but PP did protect me. If your transaction was fully eligible, I might fight the CB (if she files), esp. given the length of time that the buyer has had the item.
  10. Tell them to kiss your ars. The money is in your account so they can't access it, I would close out every thing you have listed and tell Paypal to bite me.
  11. I agree. I understand that the CC companies want to make their customers happy, but to what extent? I'm sorry, but there's no way it would take 2 months to figure out whether an item is new or used...the CC company should not have allowed a charge back on something like that, especially considering Jenay did state that the item was used, NOT new. It sounds like the CC company really should've done a little more research before so hastily allowing a charge back. Things like that totally give customers the wrong idea about credit cards, and will cause more and more people to buy even when they can't really afford to, then just file a charge back to get a free item.

  12. Jena'y if you can go this route & challenge paypal, would certainly do

    so... wishing you the best with this...and again, sorry that you have

    to endure this....
  13. How long ago was this, Iris? Because I literally just got off the phone with Paypal this morning. As far as Paypal is concerned at this point in time, they offer zero protection should a buyer win a CC chargeback. They cannot and will not enforce the buyer to return any items in question.

    Also, as you mention above, you do not know which way the chargeback went so you really do not know whether Paypal "protected" you or not. You do not know what would haev happened had the buyer potentially won her chargeback via her CC company. My question to Paypal was that of worst case scenario - should the buyer win her chargeback, what protection do I have, and what assurance do I have that the item will be returned to me?

    All this being said, I am no rookie to problematic buyers, unfortunately. I will handle the situation the best I can, I suppose. It's unfortunate, but what can you do, you know? My purpose for starting this thread is to alert sellers to this horrific loophole in Paypal's already FUBAR way of handling things. It's just so sad that buyers hold all the cards at all times. :sad:
  14. :hugs:
  15. Lol, if only! :biggrin:

    Worst case scenario, if the buyer filed her chargeback and won, Paypal would deduct the money from my account, throwing it into the red. If I were to tell Paypal where to stick it, they would turn me into collections. It's a lose-lose, unfortunately.